2008-09 Schedule

Since the Bluejaycafe has not made this a sticky yet on the message board, I figured I’d just add a separate page to keep track of what we know for the schedule for next season.

What we know today from Matt Perrault’s Big Sports 590 show today in interviewing coach Altman is that we have a verbal commitment to play New Mexico, that we will play the 2nd of a 2-for-1 deal with Arkansas-Little Rock at their place and that we are playing in the Vegas tournament where the top four teams are Creighton, Saint Louis, Depaul and Fresno St. Man, that is a far cry from the Vegas tourney last year that included Louisville, North Carolina and BYU. I’ve got my own comments on scheduling, but I will leave that for another day.

Also before this interview today, it was posted on the message boards that Dayton has agreed to another series with the Jays having the first game in Omaha and rumors of a game with Akron.  Oh and who can forget the BracketBuster return game against Oral Roberts.

Return games for next season include the annual Nebraska game down in Lincoln this year and a trip out to St. Josephs known from information released last year.

So I will keep up the schedule page while we wait for the season schedule to be released.


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