Can Coach Altman make it up the ladder to elite?

In a round about way, coach Altman has been getting a lot of heat lately about his coaching ability and leading teams farther into the NCAA Tournament.

First, there is an article on Rivals from Andrew Skwara answering letters from people. One person asks why Andrew overlooked Coach Altman as a coach that does more with less talent. Well, you can read for yourself:

Arguing for Altman

Why did you overlook Dana Altman a couple of weeks ago when you wrote about coaches who do more with less talent? This coach is a member of the 20-10 club – with 10 consecutive 20-plus win seasons and 11 consecutive postseason appearances. I honestly doubt they have a lot of top 100 kids clamoring to play at Creighton. He appears to get the most out of the available talent. Sounds like a great coach and a good program.

— Jim from Melbourne, Fla.

Altman has certainly done a great job at Creighton. A lot of the top coaches in college basketball can’t say they have made 11 consecutive postseason appearances.

But a glaring lack of postseason success holds me back from placing Altman among the John Beilein‘s and Bo Ryans of the world. Altman has been to eight NCAA Tournaments (seven with Creighton, one with Kansas State), but never been past the second round. On six of those trips he was knocked out in the first round.

Altman has been to the NIT four times while at Creighton, and the Bluejays has not advanced past the second round.

Yes, his teams are usually facing more talented opponents, but given that many chances he should have been able to engineer more victories.

Then I saw this article today on the Yet Another Basketball Blog where this guy has way too much time on his hands, but talks about “Coach Rankings” and has a whole set of numbers declaring why a coach is considered good based on a number of factors including good regular seasons, good performances in the NCAA tournament and recruiting.  Anyway, he starts talking about this PASE or Performance Against Seed Expectations where how many wins you are supposed to be getting in the NCAA tournament based on he seed you get.  Anyway, Altman ranked the 7th worst in this rating just ahead of the Wookie…Greg McDermott from UNI/Iowa State.  Anyway it is an interesting read if anything.

So you begin to think, “Is this the year things are different?”  I guess it will be interesting to see how the Jays of ’08-’09 respond and work here during the off season.


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