Summer League, Scheduling and More

A few different things to touch on today that have been sort of developing over the past few days.

  • It was a pretty good article in the Omaha World Herald about recent Bluejay greats Nate Funk and Anthony Tolliver. It is great to see them have some success and still have fun on the court. What we all wouldn’t kill to play a fun thing like basketball for a living and make money. BTW, their team lost the second game of a best of 5 postseason series on Sunday, 83-78. AT had 23 points. Game three is scheduled for tonight (5/20) to see if they can keep their season going.
  • Here is a good piece of news: Creighton opponent for 08-09, St. Joseph’s, has selected Tim Klarich to be the Hawk mascot for the coming year. We remember that good ‘ol hawk as he flapped and flapped and flapped the night away. Apparently his brother was the Hawk for 2 seasons, 2001 to 2003. Be sure to “cheer” for Tim if you make the trek up to Philly this year for this game
  • Rumored opponent Akron is a player down after Rydell Brooks was arrested for attempted murder charges. Brooks has been removed from the basketball team and has been given a presidential suspension, which means he is still a student but cannot attend any athletic activities and is not permitted on campus. Brooks did not play last year as he transferred from Niagara. He averaged 4.7 points per game at Niagara as a freshman.
  • Other teams have been reporting their yearly problems of scheduling games since they are not BCS teams, but solid non-BCS teams that people don’t want to play. Air Force and Austin Peay are the latest. Air Force still has 6 games to fill. Austin Peay won the Ohio Valley Conference last season and lost to Texas in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Their coach goes on to say, “(Putting the schedule together) is not going as smoothly as I would like for it to be going right now,” Loos said. “I can’t get a grip on it and give you a definite reason why, but the process has been a little slower and we’re having trouble getting games to be honest.”
  • Finally, we have reason to be excited about basketball in Omaha again as the Metro Summer Basketball League will be in full swing again. Games start on June 19th at Omaha South. The games will be on Thursdays with the final two weeks at Omaha Central. All of the current and new Jays are expected to take part as well as appearances by Nate Funk, Anthony Tolliver, Dane Watts, Ben Walker, Rodney Buford and other Creighton greats. League organizer Jason Isaacson is also organizing a website to keep people up to date on things going on. We are lucky to have this type of thing in the area and so well organized. Get out there and cheer on the Jays in the offseason!

I hope this information is helpful. Have a great day.


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