Isaac Miles back at the Qwest Center?

We all know Isaac Miles who left Creighton about a year ago to pursue other schools for various reasons that we probably can’t talk about. I won’t get into that.  I don’t know anything, just hearsay which wouldn’t do things justice.   What the world was told was that he wanted to find a school closer to home. I guess 2 hours from KC wasn’t close enough and thought he had a ride with Missouri all lined up. In the end, he ended up at Murray State. (EDIT: He ended up going to Murray State because they hired some new coaches that had KC connections and knew Isaac already and had a scholarship available)  An interesting note today is that on Basketball Travelers, Murray State is looking for a game:

Murray State University-Mens
Type: Game
Dates: 11/10/2008 to 12/21/2008

Murray State is looking to start two home and home series next year in 2008-2009. We would like to play the games in Nov 14, 15, 29 or Dec 30, 31. We would like to start one at home and one on the road. A home and home series in the same year would be ideal. We are not looking for a High Major road game.
Contact: Steve Prohm, 270 809 6768
Date Posted: 09/21/2007
Last Updated: 05/21/2008

Any chances Creighton would be interested in this game? Of course fans would be interested in this one to see the return of Isaac Miles to the Qwest center since we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye… Well, I don’t think the coaching staff would be as excited or willing to do this one.

Oh well, I guess I am stretching to post something almost like the post about Big Monday, but I guess I am interested in generating discussion in the offseason since the Bluejaycafe is not passing that much traffic lately and I am already wanting to get the college basketball fix going again. At least I get the summer to practice this blogging stuff and see if anyone reads it. :)

2 Responses to Isaac Miles back at the Qwest Center?

  1. Jeff says:

    Can you expand on what you’ve heard about Isaac Miles leaving the team? I never could figure out why.

  2. gtmoBlue says:

    The 2008-09 schedule is complete or near complete… MSU is a great university and one with a long and storied history of success. It would be nice to play them. On the Cafe, the talk is that the schedule is about done/complete for the season. Maybe next year (2009)?

    The Miles story is very old news…we’ve heard it over on the cafe…let it die.

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