Summer League Rosters

The Metro Summer Basketball League draft occurred the other day and is posted on

The Jays break down like this:

State Farm – Judd Knispel Agency

  • Kaleb Korver
  • Antoine Young
  • Casey Harriman

Shanks Law Firm

  • Rodney Buford (former Jay)
  • Kenny Lawson
  • Booker Woodfox
  • Josh Jones

EQ School of Hair

  • Tom Whitehead
  • Cavel Witter

Narmi Group

  • Justin Carter
  • Josh Dotzler
  • Chad Millard

PCS Phosphate

  • P’Allen Stinnett
  • Kenton Walker

Porter Tauke & Ebke

  • Aaron Brandt
  • Dustin Sitzman

I understand that former Jays Ben Walker, Dane Watts, Anthony Tolliver and Nate Funk will be around at some point during the summer and available as subs.

The teams look pretty evenly distributed and should make for an exciting summer.  Last year was pretty neat because of so many incoming players for Creighton and Nebraska that they were able to create the “All Creighton” and “All Nebraska” teams.  Too bad that didn’t happen this year.  It would have probably been neat to see Young, Jones, Carter, Whitehead, plus Lawson and your pick between Witter, Stinnett or Woodfox on the same team (since you can only have 2 current players on a roster). Add the DII and NAIA schools that get to field their actual teams and there are 20 teams folks.

I’m pretty excited about the number of matchups that could occur that I don’t think one particular matchup will be better than another, though Shanks vs. PCS Phosphate will be an exciting game.

What is funny is that there are no current Nebraska Husker basketball players except for walk-ons Nick Krenk and Ben Nelson participating on the Porter, Tauke and Ebke allstar walk-on team. No one can confirm or deny that Coach “Slingblade” Sadler has forbidden his current scholarship players from playing in the summer league, but if they really want to advertise the Huskers as Nebraska’s team, you would think they would be playing. Where else are they playing ball this summer except against themselves? But I think they have bigger problems to worry about now that savior Roburt Sallie won’t be playing at Nebraska.


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  1. […] I was eagerly anticipating the matchup between Shanks and PCS Phosphate as I mentioned when the rosters came out.   LIttle did I know it would be such an entertaining game.  On one side you had […]

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