Summer League News

Well, we have a little update on why the current Nebraska Men’s basketball team players are not playing in the Metro Summer Ball League this year. From Brian Rosenthal of the Lincoln Journal Star:

Other than walk-ons Ben Nelson and Nick Krenk, don’t expect any Huskers to be playing in the Council Bluffs (Iowa) summer basketball league.

Sadler said many players are going home for the second session of summer school, which begins in July. Sek Henry, for example, will play in Los Angeles; Steve Harley will play in Baltimore.

“I don’t want to commit a group of guys going,” Sadler said, “then halfway through it, have to drop out of it.”

Ryan Anderson and Ade Dagunduro are staying in Lincoln throughout the summer, but neither is expected to play in the Council Bluffs league. Sadler said high gas prices are a factor.

High gas prices a factor? The fact that Hastings College, Wayne, Doane, Morningside and other outside the metro teams are fielding a team this year, maybe some of those Nebraska players could hitch a ride and carpool if they really wanted to play. I guess Ryan and Ade will be on the couch playing Playstation this summer dreaming about basketball.


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  1. […] how current Huskers won’t be playing in the league due to transportation issues.  Yeah, I touched on that a few weeks ago.  So it looks like in most cases if you make it to see at least one of the games, you should see […]

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