‘Ol Gary and the Huskers

These things always make me laugh

  • Over at the BluejayCafe message board, after the posting of the complete Las Vegas Classic tourney field the Jays are playing in, it once again spurred the conversation of Creighton’s scheduling philosophies. Some people say that this thing has been talked about over and over and beaten to death, but hey lets face facts: The message board has been so dead that the weeks and months of posting on the board have disappeared because people aren’t talking about them anymore, so it makes sense that the scheduling stuff is discussed over and over because everyone forgot what everyone had to say about the issue since all the old posts have disappeared :) . But since the conversation is brought up year after year, it must mean nothing has changed.
  • Not to be outdone, but the Lincoln Journal Star produced an article on the current state of the Nebraska non-conference schedule. They don’t have much home court appeal as well with Creighton as the only “marquee matchup” at home. Another funny part is the fact that Nebraska might be playing Marquette at home, but only as a pre-season scrimmage and not in front of any fans. Boy, would hate it to be a “real” game. Apparently BCS schools are stonewalling to schedule a comperable opponent on the road until they can get that “guarantee” game scheduled. So many BCS schools still have openings on their schedule and even willing to go on the road. The list is rather attractive, too: Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Alabama and Mississippi State are among those schools with at least one opening.
  • Finally, though there have been stories about this over the past couple of weeks, you have to love our good ‘ol friend Gary Williams, the coach of Maryland. As recent as a couple of years ago, Gary was very vocal about the Valley and how they “gamed” the RPI system and didn’t deserve to have as many teams in the NCAA Tournament in 2006 saying, “They haven’t been banging down anyone’s door in the ACC to play. The phone works both ways, last time I checked.” I still haven’t seen a Valley team on the schedule as I am sure all 10 teams would love to do a home and home. Since winning the National Championship in 2002, Maryland has only been to the Big Dance once in the past 4 seasons. Well, he is literally running the wheels off of the bus and may be lucky to field a full team this season. He has had 3 new recruits that can’t make the grade–Tyree Evans, Gus Gilchrist and Bobby Maze and a current player Shane Walker jump ship. Looks like Gary is cracking under the pressure to continue winning. After being so arrogant, it is well deserved.

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