Summer League Ball Starts Thursday

As a basketball fan, today is a sad day. The last game of the NBA finals was last night, the NBA early entrants are decided and College Basketball has long since finished. So while we sit and wonder what to do now until basketball starts again, we only have to wait until tomorrow. Thursday starts the Metro Summer Basketball League and we get to see some of our Jays and other local colleges and players suit up for some entertaining times. Most if not all of the Jays will be involved at some point during the summer in the league. Opening night may not have all, but should have a chance to see some of the newcomers.

The Omaha World Herald actually has a story about the summer league starting tomorrow, but as of right now and almost on a weekly basis, is not available to actually read the article. Anyway, it sounds like Josh Jones (7:30) and Antoine Young (6:30) will be playing this week, UPDATED:  It looks like Kevin White and Nick Rubek a the Omaha World Herald don’t talk to each other because as an astute reader points out  in this other article published in the same paper next to each other, Josh Jones and Antoine Young are playing in an exhibition game with this AAU tournament, so they can’t be at too places at once and unlikely playing Summer League on Thursday. Justin Carter will not until July.  P’Allen will be playing at 5:30. It was also posted on the BluejayCafe that Kaleb Korver and Chad Millard are working the CWS and may not be playing. And of course they cite Mr. Isaacson and how current Huskers won’t be playing in the league due to transportation issues. Yeah, I touched on that a few weeks ago. So it looks like in most cases if you make it to see at least one of the games, you should see some Bluejay probably playing. I can’t make it there this week due to some family commitments, but if someone is interested in posting a report, give me a shout at wildjaysATgmailDOTcom.

Also, I hope to have a posting up later today to discuss the whole scheduling thing. I had some conversations with some people at schools that you think we might be able to schedule but for some reason cannot. I have some interesting information regarding that. Stay tuned.


3 Responses to Summer League Ball Starts Thursday

  1. Jon Green says: also reports this regarding an AAU event this weekend, “The Barnstormers feature Brennan Cougill of Sioux City, a 6-foot-9, 260-pound University of Iowa recruit, as well as a couple of upper-level Division I recruits. Woodard said Cougill and company will play an exhibition game Thursday night at 7:30 against a team made up of Crusader alumni from a season ago, including Creighton recruits Josh Jones and Antoine Young, as well as Army recruit Jeff Allgood.”

    So… they can’t play in two games that night. I’m guessing they won’t be present for summer league this week.

  2. wildjays says:

    Jon, Thanks for pointing that out. I will update the post.

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