Around the Rim, 6/20/08

Here are just a few little nuggets of interest:

  • Last night was the first night for summer league basketball. The local newspaper did a story on P’Allen Stinnett and his performance last night. Sounds like a good all around game for P’Allen (12 pts. and several assists) and also a reason to go watch the games if you are considering it. Watching him dunk is a sight to see. Sounds like Cavel Witter also had a big night of play. I hope to make it next week to take in the games. Should be fun
  • I was reading some stuff on the Utah Jazz the other day and ran across the story about Kyle Korver and his socks. Now many of you reading this probably know the story behind it, but I guess Kyle said that during college he and his friend tried to think of something that they could wear to the game that would be sort of different. They decided to wear knee-hi socks. Well, Kyle went on to have his best game ever, so of course he wore them to the next game as well. This time, he had an even better game, and the socks have been with him ever since.
  • Speaking of Kyle Korver, Jazz teammate Deron Williams says Kyle has a pretty mean golf game. A 6 or an 8 handicap. Better he than I since I never golf. Maybe he can do that after basketball is done.
  • Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt has been around the game of basketball for some time, but maybe he should just retire. He seems to think it would be a good idea to shorten the college basketball season and not start playing until after the fall semester. He was speaking in front of this Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. He knows that will never happen, but is still proposing a later start date and taking a game off the schedule. I know these places act like they are concerned about the students and time away playing games and all, but there is way too much money at stake for people to really go for this. Also, they just moved the opening weekend up a week a couple of years ago which allowed for an extra game. But stay tuned, you never know what may end up happening.
  • Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our old buddy and former Southern Illinois coach Bruce Weber. He was speaking at a “Fighting Illini Meet and Greet Tour.” Now I understand that the point of all of his statements was for some type of ‘comedy’ thing, but really, no matter what you say, people will quote it and make bulletin board material like I am going to do right now. First he talks about Alex Legion who just transferred to Kentucky– “The players have nicknamed him ‘Kobe.’ He has a ways to go, but I understand the comparison. He can score, but he doesn’t guard anybody and we just had to teach him a new word. Pass. When he gets his first assist, everybody should give him a standing ovation because that will be his first one.” and then he goes on to talk about the Big 10 race next year and says, “The league should be wide open and we can be right in the middle of it. I do know one thing, though. I think Indiana will suck. Don’t put that on the Internet.” Does he understand that even though he is joking, several people will take those comments out of context and was he really joking about Alex Legion. I could see him saying that about one of his players he has had for 4 years, but a guy that just got to Illinois? Man, no wonder he is hanging on the cliff this season. I always hated him while he was at SIU anyway.

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