Summer League Preview-Week 2

This week, it has been a pissing match on the BluejayCafe with stories going around that Justin Carter is having trouble making grades to come to Creighton vs. someone with Doc Sadler license plates vs. Aaron Brandt transferring out of Creighton to Nebraska to do track and field. Good luck to Aaron. I am sure it was hard to give up basketball, but definitely could shine in track. And how that information got tucked into a thread about Justin Carter is beyond me, but I guess that is how things work. It is great how you have morons throwing Justin under the bus and he isn’t even here yet. At least the veteran posters at the ‘Cafe put the morons in their place. And for the Sadler plates, the dude that got them probably thought that since he probably couldn’t get what he wanted to represent Nebraska football, he knew he could probably get them for the basketball team since no one gives a crap about them.

But let’s get to something that is real—Metro Summer League Basketball week 2 for the Jays:

5:30–Court 1-Narmi group (Dotzler?, Tolliver, Millard) vs. McGinn, Court 2-Porter, Tautke, Eske (Sitzman) vs. Buena Vista.–Should be a couple of competitive games to start the evening Update:  Sounds like Anthony Tolliver will be playing for the Narmi Group.  Should be fun to see after the successful season overseas.

6:30–State Farm (Korver, Young, Harriman) vs. EQ Hair (Witter, Whitehead)–A good Creighton filled matchup. We’ll have to see if Cavel Witter keeps his scoring up this week as he went for 41 last week. I’ll be excited to see if Antoine Young and Cavel will guard each other.

7:30–PCS (Stinnett, Walker) vs. Shanks (Buford, Woodfox, Jones, Lawson)–Wow, this should be a fun game. Between seeing former Jay Rodney Buford, the new guy Josh Jones, Woodfox’s shooting, a Lawson-Walker matchup and P’Allen’s dunking ability, there should be plenty of electricity for this one.

Those are the games matching up the current and former Jays playing this week. With the CWS being over after tonight and the guys that played last week, hopefully everyone will be there. I’m planning on being there to take in the games. Should be fun. Be sure to stay late to watch the late games too to see some local colleges in action. Yo, if Hastings, Doane or UNK players see some Husker basketball players on the side of the road, ask them if they need a ride. They will probably tell you that daddy Sadler won’t let them go out and play.

Remember, for more information on the Metro Summer Basketball League, you can go to


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