Bomb, Bomb, Dunk, Bomb, Dunk, Dunk, Massive Dunk

Tonight was the first time I was able to go to the summer league games. I was eagerly anticipating the matchup between Shanks and PCS Phosphate as I mentioned when the rosters came out. LIttle did I know it would be such an entertaining game. On one side you had P’Allen Stinnett and Kenton Walker. On the other side you had Rodney Buford, Booker Woodfox, Josh Jones and Kenny Lawson. Well, unfortunately Kenton wasn’t able to play due to a cast on his hand from the incident at last week’s games and Buford wasn’t there. But that is okay, I was hoping to see a dunk or two from P’Allen and some long 3’s by Booker. What we were in store for was a scoring and dunking exhibition.

The game tips off and Booker hits a three pointer deep. Down the court, P’Allen hits a three from deep. Back the other way, Booker takes a few steps back and drains a three. P’Allen comes back down and launches, but misses and back the other way, Booker takes even a few more steps back and launches from Council Bluffs and drains it. A few trips up and down the court with a little action and then the dunk fest kicks in. Lawson gets a dunk–P’Allen steals it once with a one-handed dunk, steals it again almost immediately for another one-handed dunk. Booker hits another 3. Jones hits a 3. Lawson has another dunk. But then P explodes for a few more impressive dunks including an in-traffic off the backboard pass to himself dunk. You knew P’Allen was having a night when he puts up a long distance 3 as he is getting mauled and banks it in! He was on fire. By half, P’Allen had 32 and Booker had 15. I lost track of everyone else.

Second half, a few other guys on each of the teams are scoring for the most part. Then Booker takes over and starts scoring like a mad man with several jaw dropping shots that were amazing. (One other note–during warmups before the game Booker was shooting and draining left handed. He is the ambidextrous shooter!) Kenny had several powerful dunks. P’Allen sort of stayed back and toned it down in the second half, but then exploded for a few more dunks including a 360, one-handed windmill, and double-handed windmill behind the head. When all was said and done, P’Allen had 42, Booker had 38, Lawson had 32 and Josh Jones had 23. Yes the defense didn’t show up, but it was a fun game and makes me want to come back next week to watch the games. I don’t even know who won. I didn’t look at the score. When this one was over, the majority of the crowd hit the exits with smiles on their faces.

I didn’t make it to the early game so I don’t know how those went, but Anthony Tolliver from my understanding played in that game as well as the 6:30 game on the team with Cavel Witter and Tom Whitehead. I saw the 6:30 game and AT looked very good. One thing I noticed since he left Creighton is that he has developed a jump shot from 3. No more set shots for him. Very athletic looking. Cavel was distributing the ball for the most part tonight versus the scoring he had last week. Tom Whitehead looks like he will be a good addition to the Jays. Not dominant, but very confident and seems to fit in very well.

Casey Harriman and Antoine Young were not there tonight. I don’t know if Chad Millard was there or not since I missed the 5:30.

If you haven’t had a chance to go to the games yet. Make sure to try and go sometime. Entertaining.


2 Responses to Bomb, Bomb, Dunk, Bomb, Dunk, Dunk, Massive Dunk

  1. […] Phosphate (P’Allen Stinnett, Kenton Walker) vs. Dana–Last week was a dunking clinic by P’Allen as he led his team to 115-112 win. Boy that game was fun last week. If P is in […]

  2. […] Woodfox, Josh Jones)–Game of the night right here. The rematch from week 2 where it was the Booker and P’Allen show along with huge games from Josh Jones and Kenny Lawson. This again should be a great game to watch. […]

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