Arkansas knew Altman wasn’t staying

A report from the AP and the Sporting News talks mainly about how the Arkansas chancellor, John White, is stepping down and it coincides with the day their contract ends with Nolan Richardson, the successful coach who was ran out of town almost 6 years ago. So Nolan was getting paid $500,000 for the past 5 years without even coaching. What a deal! With Athletic Director Frank Broyles stepping down/retiring this past year and the chancellor stepping down, it has been an opportunity for Arkansas to start the healing process an rebuilding of their programs.

Anyway, partway down the article former chancellor White talks about Coach Altman’s hiring at Arkansas and that they knew it wasn’t going to work out right away:

Also, White said it was obvious nearly from the beginning that Creighton basketball coach Dana Altman had “buyer’s remorse” after accepting the Razorbacks’ job in 2007, replacing Stan Heath.

After Altman’s hiring was announced, “we had them (the Altman family) to dinner and he hardly ate a bite. It was obvious to all of us, “this isn’t playing out how we thought.”‘

Some in Altman’s family were upset about being uprooted from Omaha, Neb., so when White heard the next morning that the new coach was thinking he had made a mistake, he wasn’t surprised. White said he had no regrets about letting Altman back out.

“It could have been a miserable situation if he had stayed,” White said.

That sort of coincides with the story we all were all told that Coach Altman was calling right away to see about returning to Creighton. We all know this is old news, but a new side of the story we had not heard before. At least we as fans are able to focus on basketball and moving up to the next level instead of trying to determine if our new coach is doing the things needed to rebuild the program. We are lucky to have coach Altman. He is the Eagle Scout we all need.

  • Oh, and remember in my Scheduling answers post where at the end I was talking about Duke dangling that TV game out there for about 2 months and wondering who they were going to play?  Well wonder no more as Duke is taking on Duquesne to fill that spot on ESPN2.  It is not the exact date as the listing was for, but it was a “flexible” scheduling option.  I guess no Duke either this season, even though it could have been on National TV.

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