St. Joseph game at the Palestra

When the Jays go to PA this fall to play the St. Joseph Hawks, they will be playing the Hawks at the storied Palestra on the campus of Penn University. All 15 of the St. Joseph home games this season will be at the Palestra as the Fieldhouse/Hagan Arena is being renovated and expanded. In a letter to St. Joseph season ticket holders, it details the situation and lists the rest of the non-conference and conference teams playing there this season. As expected, the details confirms the Jays playing the return game from last season this year.

It sounds like their season tickets are one price all the way across the board at $450, but will change when they move back to Hagan Arena due to the demand for tickets. I don’t know, with a non-conference home lineup for St. Joes having Cornell, Creighton, Drexel, Penn, Rider, and Siena, the Jays home schedule doesn’t sound too bad though I’m sure St. Joseph will try to load up at home in the 09-10 season with the renovated arena even though it will have only 4200 seats.


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