Summer League Quarterfinals and Other News

July 31, 2008

Tonight is the quarterfinal round of the Metro Summer Basketball League at Omaha Central. There are 3 teams left with Jays that are playing.

  • 6:30–State Farm (Kaleb Korver, Antoine Young, Casey Harriman) vs. UNK--This should be a good game as UNK has a great player in Drake Beranek and Antoine Young has been fun to watch this summer. Hard to know if any of the other Jays will be there at this game as Casey hasn’t been playing since week 1 and Kaleb Korver has been off and on. Who knows, maybe Kyle Korver will be around since he will be in town on Saturday.
  • 8:30–PCS Phosphate (P’Allen Stinnett, Kenton Walker) vs. Narmi Group (Josh Dotzler, Justin Carter, Chad Millard)–I’m only expecting P’Allen to play tonight because Kenton has been injured all summer, Josh hasn’t played, Justin hasn’t been in Omaha yet and I’m not even sure if Chad has played this summer in the league. Who knows maybe another surprise tonight.

In other news from a Kevin Sarver update:

  • Kyle Korver will be at Scheels this Saturday, August 2nd, from 10-noon to sign autographs. It is a free event and open to the public.
  • Speaking of Kyle-The Kyle Korver Foundation has scheduled a charity golf event at Shadow Ridge Golf Club on Friday, September 12. Any Creighton fan interested in learning more about the event should contact Mark Burgers (605-690-6152, or Mike Potthoff (402-981-3310,
  • Those that are headed to Vegas for the Las Vegas Classic that the Jays are taking part in on December 22nd and 23rd can get a limited number of all-session tickets from the CU Athletic office for $123. Call the Jays ticket office at 402-280-JAYS or e-mail for more info.

Word is that the schedule is supposed to be released around Labor Day so we only have about a month more to speculate who the last teams are on the schedule. Probably not that exciting, but will wait and see.


A Good Night of Basketball

July 25, 2008

I saw some of the games from last nights first round of the Metro Summer League Basketball Tournament. You could tell that the players were playing more for keeps since there appeared to be a little more defense and not as much flash. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get there until after 8, so I missed the early games. Then some guy started reminiscing about the past before I could get into the gym, so I missed the rest of the 7:30 games, but somebody tell me if I am wrong, but I think the team that had Cavel Witter lost their game last night and so that team is out. During the 8:30 game one of the players from the 7:30 game was in the stands saying that they had an upset, so I assumed that was Cavel’s team. Also Cavel wasn’t there last night.

Anyway, the 8:30 game was to feature several Creighton Jays. Former Jay Rodney Buford and current jays Booker Woodfox, Kenny Lawson, P’Allen Stinnett, Josh Jones and Kenton Walker. Well Booker and Kenny were no-show’s and Kenton still has a small cast on his hand. However, I think it is great that even though Kenton injured his hand in week 1 that he has still been there to support his teammates and definitely happy to be there even though he couldn’t play.

The game was not quite as fast paced as the matchup in week 2. P’Allen’s team was down in the first half for most of it (around 10-15 points) and then turned it on towards the end of the half and into the second half to pull away to win by almost 20 points. P’Allen had his dunks as usual, but his team as a whole really play well together and are really unselfish. P is really relaxed out there, but his leadership really shows. Josh Jones hit some big shots early and was a scoring machine, but then kind of disappeared by the second half. However, the fun part was that P’Allen and Josh basically went 1-on-1 with each other the last 2-3 minutes of the game which was fun to watch. They started talking fun smack with each other right before tipoff so you knew at some point they would matchup. The athletic ability of these 2 guys is impressive and they both got the best of each other a couple of times, but still can tell they have this great rapport that will be great asset come regular season time.

Next week the games are at Omaha Central.

Summer League Preview–Playoffs Week 1

July 24, 2008

Hey it is Playoff time! Okay well it is only summer league playoffs, but hey still exciting. A couple more chances to see the Jays in action this summer before fall conditioning and first practice in October. Here are the matchups this week:

6:30–#4 State Farm (Kaleb Korver, Antoine Young, Casey Harriman, Dane Watts) vs. #13 Dana–The #4 seeded State Farm takes on Dana in the first matchup of the evening with Creighton players. Kaleb has looked pretty good in the couple of games he has played this summer and Antoine Young has been fun to watch. Casey has been MIA since week one, so hopefully his knee hasn’t continued to bother him. Dane Watts will be playing tonight as a nice surprise. I think I read something somewhere in the past few days that Dane signed with a German team (You’ll want to use Google Translator for this link)–the same German team with former Nebraska player Jason Dourisseau.  Should be a good matchup to start the Jays evening.

7:30–#2 EQ School of Hair (Cavel Witter) vs. #15 Hastings–Cavel has had a great summer having nights of scoring and dishing the ball honing in his skills. Tom Whitehead was on the team most of the summer, but for obvious reasons he is no longer on the team.

7:30–#10 Porter, Tauke and Ebke (Sitzmann) vs. #7 UNO Grads–A rematch from a deadlock close game two weeks ago, the Walk-on All-Stars take on the UNO Grads. Watch your favorite Jay walk-on Dustin Sitzmann in this matchup that could go either way.

8:30–#3 Narmi Group (Justin Carter, Chad Millard, Josh Dotzler) vs. #14 Morningside–It sounds like Justin is playing in a summer league this summer out of state, so he hasn’t had a chance to play on this team yet. I haven’t seen Josh Dotzler play yet this summer so I don’t know if he has been to any of the games and Chad Millard has been working the College World Series and going on vacation, so it will be interesting to see if any of the Creighton guys can make it to this game.

8:30–#6 PCS Phosphate(P’Allen Stinnett, Kenton Walker) vs. #11 Shanks Law (Rodney Buford, Kenny Lawson, Booker Woodfox, Josh Jones)Game of the night right here. The rematch from week 2 where it was the Booker and P’Allen show along with huge games from Josh Jones and Kenny Lawson. This again should be a great game to watch. I doubt Walker will be playing still due to the hand injury in week1.

Hope people can make it out to the games. If anything, put the kids to bed and head out for the 8:30 matchup. It should be worth it.

For more info on the Metro Summer League Basketball go to

Wichita State Finally Joins the 21st Century

July 24, 2008

Well, maybe they aren’t that far off, but an article in the Wichita Eagle talks about how Koch Arena is finally adding courtside seats for Shocker fans to purchase for a whopping $4260 per seat. The cost for one seat is a $4,000 donation to WSU’s athletic scholarship fund, plus $260 for the price of a season ticket. The seats will be at six of the 10 tables along the court with the middle four tables still reserved for media. There will be 24 courtside seats total.

To compare to the Jays, Creighton has 136 courtside seats, but each one is $1,250 — $600 donation, $650 for a season ticket. Of course, I’m sure that the $600 donation is the low end and that there are higher donations with the Jaybackers.

The rest of the Valley breaks down like this:

Missouri State-With their new arena being built, 48 courtside seats for $5,000 a piece.

Drake-12 seats at $1,000 apiece, the person must make a donation of at least $5,000 per year for five straight years to their Champions Club.  I’m sure that will go up after their one-year wonder.

Southern Illinois-48 seats at $2,500 each.  I wouldn’t pay that kind of money in that building.

Northern Iowa-44 seats on the floor at the going season-ticket rate of $290 each. However, those were assigned based on the level of giving by the season-ticket holder. If that level of giving drops, the fan is in danger of losing his seat. Very similar to Creighton season-ticket holders and any of the Jaybacker donations for any of the seats.

Illinois St.–Have seats that come right up to the court, but they are not sold at a special price

Valley schools not mentioned in the article and courtside seats:

Bradley–They have seats that come up to the court, but not different from other areas of the arena and of course have their own donation requirements called “Ticket Maintenance”

Indiana St–$285 per Season Ticket, $400 Varsity Club Donation per seat. They started their courtside seats last year, but according to their ticket information they also use some courtside seating for Corporate events. 2 courtside seats with complimentary game programs for VIP’s 98 non-priority lower level tickets (100 total tickets) Varsity Club Room access–$750 per game

Evansville–Does not have courtside seating according to their ticket information.

Tolliver signs with the Spurs

July 23, 2008

The San Antonio Spurs announced today that they have signed former Bluejay Anthony Tolliver.  After playing with the Nets Summer League team a few weeks ago, this past week he has played for the San Antonio Spurs Summer League team and played impressively with them.

Anthony was on with Matt and Trav today on Big Sports 590 to talk about an event he was taking part in here in Omaha as well as his signing with the spurs.  Anthony talked about how playing in the NBA D-League really helped him pick up the NBA game and learn a lot of great things.  He also played in Europe recently to help make a little money.

Watching him play in the Metro Summer League earlier this summer it was neat to see how he has developed in his game and now has a jump shot from 3 and looked so much different.  Kind of ironic though that Spurs fans talk about that Anthony is just a jump shooter. Obviously none of them watched him at Creighton.  Good luck to the A-Train.

Around the Rim–7/20/08

July 20, 2008

Well, a week away on vacation and a Jay leaves the program and a little more schedule news:

  • As most followers of the program probably know already, JC transfer Tom Whitehead has left Creighton after finding out he wouldn’t be granted a scholarship by coach Altman for this year. Whitehead admitted he didn’t work hard enough in practice after joining the team in January and had gotten out of shape. He said he thought that he had picked up the intensity after returning to Omaha in June and he felt as if he was making progress during summer workouts. We are really only hearing one part of the story since Coach Altman isn’t really talking about the situation. That’s too bad. He was consistently playing pretty hard it seemed in all of the summer league games and showed up to play each week. You wonder if there was someone else in mind for the scholarship instead of Whitehead, but Altman said “”We have no plans to do that. I’m not saying we won’t, but at this time, we’re not planning on bringing anyone else in.” I guess time will tell. At this point it sounds like Tom will be trying to play at Dixie State and see where things go from there.
  • I guess all the Jays took vacation this week as well as most of them did not play in the summer league games this last week of “pool” play. This next week (26th) is the start of the Tournament which should garner a little excitement and expect that most of the key people will be there for their respective teams. Also a little note that the format for summer league next year will be tweaked a little bit. Next year there will be two different divisions, an elite division and a small college division. There is just too much difference between the two to benefit either level.
  • Anthony Tolliver has been playing well for the San Antonio Spurs NBA summer league team. One Eastern Conference executive is convinced that Anthony Tolliver will make San Antonio’s roster as a “shooting 4-man.” In two games of the Rocky Mountain Revue league, AT has been starting and playing some good minutes.  To see the rest of the schedule and a link to watch the games already played and live, you can to go the Rocky Mountain Revue site.
  • Another piece of the scheduling picture has come out as Depaul has released their non-conference schedule. As we all know, Depaul is part of the Las Vegas Classic the Jays are playing in around Christmas time. For Depaul’s opening round games, they are playing Liberty (Dec. 17th) and Southern (Dec. 19th) So it appears those might be dates for the Jays playing at home as well in their opening games. It is still a wait to see who the Jays get between Liberty, Southern, South Carolina Upsate and Northern Colorado.

Since When Do Refs Matter in Summer Ball?

July 11, 2008
Our Favorite Ref, Mike Sanzere

Our Favorite Ref, Mike Sanzere

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the Metro Summer League Basketball games. There was something different about it compared to a couple of weeks ago. You get slaps and hits and everything else in summer ball, but the refereeing is really lax. Then the refs decide to show up in the last 30 seconds of a game that was basically decided and really killed the excitement. I only bring this up because in Game 2 of the evening that featured Cavel Witter and Tom Whitehead, there was one referee that just sucked it up (and no it wasn’t Mike Sanzere!) Cavel and Tom’s team were up about 7 or 8 with about 30 seconds left. Tom ends up fouling a guy shooting a three and the guy makes all 3 free throws (that was probably a legit foul). Then a foul the other way then a touch foul on Cavel’s team with about 7-13 seconds left where the other team made both free throws. A time out by Cavel’s team. It is a 3 point game. On the ensuing out of bounds the ref gets something up his butt waiting for the teams and puts the ball down counts to 3 and then declares a 5 second call. Then the fireworks get started. Cody Levinson (who is on Cavel’s team) is really upset over the call and starts jabbing with the ref and they talk back and forth, then the ball is taken out by the other team and Cody is in on the play again and the ball is knocked out of bounds. Then all of a sudden a Technical on Cody. Both free throws made and it is still the opponents ball with 7 seconds left and a 1 point game. Cody is finally on the bench. The ref then makes a really bad foul call with 1 second left. The free throws are made–Game Over. Unbelievable. Yes it is only summer ball, but at least you know the refereeing is just as bad there as the regular season.  Not to give Cody more crap, but man, I know the guy sucked and it is summer ball, but you still need to have composure for your team.  All in all it is a learning experience.

As for the rest of the games. There was quite a crowd there for the 7:30 game featuring P’Allen Stinnett and Antoine Young. Antoine looked very good and had some sweet moves and shooting touch. P’Allen was fun as usual with some nice dunks however, seemed a little tired. In the 5:30 game. Booker Woodfox and Josh Jones team got rocked. I just saw the second half, but they as well looked a little tired.  Booker was working on the other parts of his game and not so many 3 bombs.

The rest of the Creighton players were not there last night. Probably on vacation which I’m about to do.