Around the Rim, 7/3/08

A few little tidbits before the July 4th holiday

  • The Top of the World Classic that Valley foe Bradley was to take part in this year has been canceled.  Apparently they had teams lined up, then some backed out and then could not get other teams to take the trip to Fairbanks, Alaska.  This tournament hasn’t been at the top of the list of pre-conference tournaments, but has been a mainstay since 1996 since they were one of only 10 certified pre-season tournaments.  However, this tournament has progressively struggled since the NCAA expanded the number of tournaments available (45 now) and the 2-in-4 rule was abolished.  Morehead State University and the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga paid $30,000 to back out and play closer to home which left Stanford.   Then Bradley University, University of Central Florida and Austin Peay State University signed up for the tourney, but still left them short.  So now you have 4 teams that have open dates to fill.  Gee, maybe between all of them they can schedule a few home-and-homes.
  • 2008-09 Jays opponent St. Louis is currently a coach short.  Assistant coach Paul Biancardi accepted a job with ESPN as ESPN’s National Director of High School/College Basketball recruiting.  Gee, I wonder who was able to help hook him up with that job? :)   It doesn’t really say what exactly he will be doing, but sounds like an interesting title.
  • Last but not least is an update on a former Creighton prospect JayDee Luster.  There was talk that he might have been pretty huge on the radar after D’Angelo Jackson left the Jays program.  But then JayDee has had a tough couple of years.  He had a bone chip in his ankle, was involved in an auto accident,  which caused him to miss most of his senior season and  lost a teammate involved in a different accident.  Then he finds out on High School graduation night on a report on ESPN that his new college coach, Reggie Theus, was leaving New Mexico St.  He honored his commitment to New Mexico St., but the struggles the team had and some other players having off the court issues, JayDee decided to leave NMS.   JayDee has now landed in Wyoming.  He will have to sit out a season there per NCAA rules, but then have 3 years of eligibility remaining with the Cowboys.  Good luck to the kid.   He needs a break.

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