Summer League Preview–Week 3

Well, if you haven’t blown off your finger yet, there is a fireworks of hoops tonight at Omaha South in the Metro Summer Baketball League. The question will probably be “Who will be there tonight.” It may be a potpourri of players tonight since it is close to a long holiday weekend. Some people will be back with family, some people just out of town. Tonights matchups mainly pit the draft teams vs. college teams. I know I won’t be able to be there myself but if you want to send in a report you are welcome to: wildjaysATgmailDOTcom.

5:30–Narmi Group (Chad Millard, Josh Dotzler) vs. Kaplan–Last week it sound like from others that Chad was going to be playing this week since he was still finishing up the CWS work. UPDATE: But according to Jason Isaacson, Chad will not be there I don’t know about Josh. However, if history is an indication, Kaplan will probably be going to 0-3.

5:30–Shanks (Rodney Buford, Kenny Lawson, Booker Woodfox, Josh Jones) vs. Hastings–No Rodney, but Kenny, Booker and Josh put on a show last week. I have a soft spot in my heart for Hastings (for various reasons) so I will say it should be a decent and fun game to watch but Hastings is going to have to score more points than their first two games (47, 66), while Shanks has put up 112 and 73 points in their first 2 games.

7:30–State Farm (Kaleb Korver, Antoine Young, Casey Harriman) vs. Southeast CC–None of the Jays on this team played last week for State Farm. Will have to see if anyone will be there this week. I know Casey played two weeks ago after having a minor knee surgery. I hope his knee isn’t bothering him.

8:30–EQ School of Hair Design (Tom Whitehead, Cavel Witter) vs. Doane–Tom and Cavel have been pretty consistent playing for their team so far this summer so I don’t see why they would not be there tonight. They had an extra advantage having Anthony Tolliver play for them last week to help put them at 2-0. I’m afraid Doane will be another 0-3 team for the summer.

8:30–Porter, Tauke and Ebke (Dusty Sitzmann) vs. Morningside–Sitz put up 8 last week and their team has a chance to go to 3-0 as well.

9:30–PCS Phosphate (P’Allen Stinnett, Kenton Walker) vs. Dana–Last week was a dunking clinic by P’Allen as he led his team to 115-112 win. Boy that game was fun last week. If P is in town and playing tonight, look for a good time. No Kenton again this week as he still has that cast on his hand for a few weeks after an injury in week 1.

Honestly, even if you have some plans for fireworks in the evening, it will be daylight for most of these games, so get out there and support the Jays. I know I won’t be able to be there myself due to family commitments but if you want to send in a report you are welcome to: wildjaysATgmailDOTcom.


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