Duke Responds

In my scheduling research, I had contacted Associate Director of Athletics, Mike Cragg, at Duke several times without a response, so I wondered if they were ignoring my requests.  Well, this weekend, Mr. Cragg found this site and decided to post directly comments in the About section.  So I assume he would not mind if I published this here again since it was so public:

Good afternoon and Happy 4th!

Sorry I had not responded to your emails but I found this website so I thought I would answer your scheduling quesitons directly.

We have several considerations in non-conference scheduling, much like the other schools who have already answered your inquiries. Again, I apologize for the delay in response – several factors played into the crazy Spring we have had but I was not meaning to neglect your email.

Our basketball program considers our alumni base, recruiting prospects and current roster when looking at locations for possible non-ACC contests each year. As you no doubt have discovered in looking at our schedule over the past 10 years – we schedule several high profile home-and-home series and a high profile one or two games each year on a neutral court. In addition, we play in an exempt event each season.

Then we put in several home “guarantee” games in Cameron Indoor Stadium for our home fans and to add value to our season ticket holders. Typically all of these games (home and away) are nationally-televised or at least we hope they will be. Thus, we do consult with the ACC’s television partners to ensure maximum exposure for our program.

I hope that answers your questions on how we try to put together our schedule each year. I see you publicized our last remaining home game to fill and you’ll be happy to know that we have that date filled with the University of Montana. Basketball Travelers is a great mechanism to match together schools.

Again, I hope this helps your research and I apologize for the delay. It was not meant to avoid answering your questions in the least as we are very open in our procedures and much-scrutinized as well.

Best to you –

Mike Cragg
Associate Director of Athletics
Duke University

Anyway, I wanted to share with everyone and again, appreciate the candid and honest responses.    Oh, and I was wrong about the game I kept talking about in previous posts.  He mentions above that Duke will be playing Montana in that game.  The Duquesne game was a separate game.  After corresponding with him again he said, “Hopefully we can get Creighton to come to Cameron some day. It is an incredible experience for everyone.”  As much as I would like Duke to return the favor and come to the Qwest to play a game, I do think it would be an exciting thing for players as well as the fans to see the Jays play at Cameron.  Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky and UCLA are probably the few programs you can play a one and done and feel comfortable about it.   Now if someone would just pick these matchups up as “made for TV” games.


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