News Galore-7/8/08

There is plenty of Jays related news going around today:

  • The Jays are in need of a new assistant coach as it was announced that Mike Maker is leaving Creighton to take the head coaching job at Williams College in Massachusetts. A Division III school, Williams were the Division III champs in 2003 and runner ups in 2004. With aspirations to some day becoming a head coach, this looks like a good move considering Maker replaces Williams alum Dave Paulsen who left in May to become the head coach at Bucknell. So now will be have a return appearance on the coaching staff of Len Gordy or will this be an opportunity to already throw in new strength and conditioning coach Andy Woodley who was just hired this summer and seemed like an obvious move down the line. Mr. Woodley came to Creighton after leading Iowa City high school to the Iowa 4A championships.
  • As mentioned before, Creighton and Dayton will be matching up this winter. Dayton released their schedule today and the game with the Jays is scheduled for Wednesday, December 10th at the Qwest Center.
  • Earlier this summer, Coach Altman mentioned to Matt Perrault on Big Sports 590 some of the games the Jays were lining for this coming season and coach mentioned a verbal agreement with New Mexico for a game. However, nothing had been heard until today. According to this article in the Albuquerque Journal there is no mention of the Jays. However, Coach Altman was on 1620 the Zone today and said the deal was done with New Mexico and it will be our opener (Nov. 16th), but just funny that it wasn’t mentioned in this article.
  • Oral Roberts, a Jays opponent this coming season, will be without three additional players this season. The Tulsa World is reporting that seniors Marchello Vealy and Curtis Allen have left the Golden Eagles along with sophomore Jonathan Dunn. So this might be a little less experienced team when they come to the Qwest Center to return the Bracketbusters game from last year.
  • There was an interesting article in the Kansas City Star today about the new Sprint Center and how the seats they have were smaller than other newer arenas so they could fit more seats into the venue. The excuse about this is because of the “crammed space” that was available to build the Sprint Center that they had to have smaller seats so that they could fit in the number of seats they wanted. 25 percent of the seats, especially in the corners, only 18 inches wide, a Sprint Center spokeswoman said. The rest in the bowl are 19 and 21 inches wide. Compare that to the Qwest Center here in Omaha where it has seats ranging from 19 to 22 inches. To fill the corners, the Qwest has 23-, 24- and 25-inch seats, along with very, very few 18-inch seats for the same purpose. Very interesting.
  • Finally, one more thing about scheduling. The Deseret News in Salt Lake City did an article on second year Utah coach Jim Boylen and how he has been able to come into this place and has already put together arguably the strongest non-conference home schedule in the school’s history. Not even when Rick Majerus was there was there a better non-conference home schedule. Basically what the writer of the article, Mike Sorensen, says is that Boylen tried really hard to make it happen. Utah will have home games against Gonzaga, Oregon, Cal and LSU in addition to games against Wisconsin-Green Bay and Weber State. Then they go on the road and play Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri State and Utah State. After reading this, it is hard for me to believe that Creighton can’t get the home games against higher level opponents. Yes, Utah isn’t the same team it was when Majerus was coaching there, but to still be able to get high quality home games that don’t include the A-10 or lower, that says something. I’ll hop off my soapbox, but you get the drift.

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