Summer League Preview–Week 4

Last week with the 4th of July holiday looming we didn’t hear much about how the games were except that Kaleb Korver was shooting well from 3, Cavel Witter was having a good night and Tom Whitehead and Antoine Young were in action. I hope to get a few games in tonight, but we’ll see. Here are the Creighton matchups for tonight:

5:30–Narmi Group (Justin Carter, Chad Millard, Josh Dotzler) vs. Shanks (Rodney Buford, Kenny Lawson, Booker Woodfox, Josh Jones)–If everyone is there tonight, this should be a good game to see with a whole lot of Jays. It has been mentioned that Justin Carter wouldn’t be in town to play games until July. Does that mean he makes his Metro Summer League debut tonight? Also it sounded like Chad Millard was “on vacation” this week so his status is up in the air as well.

6:30–McGinn vs. EQ Hair Design (Tom Whitehead, Cavel Witter)–Tom and Cavel have been pretty consistent on being at all the games so far in the summer league and it sounds like they had good performances last week.

7:30–State Farm(Kaleb Korver, Antoine Young, Casey Harriman) vs. PCS Phosphate (P’Allen Stinnett, Kenton Walker)This should be a fun matchup as well if everyone is there tonight. P’Allen is just a fun player to watch and I am interested to see Antoine Young and P’Allen matchup. Casey Harriman hasn’t been playing since the opening week, so hopefully he is doing okay or just out of town the past few weeks. Kaleb Kover had a great week from 3 last week. Kenton Walker is still out with the hand injury and wearing the cast.

9:30–Porter Tauke and Ebke (Sitzmann) vs. UNO Grads–The all-star walk-on team will be taking on the former UNO players. Just an interesting matchup to say the least and you get to watch your favorite Creighton walk-on Dustin Sitzmann.


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