Since When Do Refs Matter in Summer Ball?

Our Favorite Ref, Mike Sanzere

Our Favorite Ref, Mike Sanzere

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the Metro Summer League Basketball games. There was something different about it compared to a couple of weeks ago. You get slaps and hits and everything else in summer ball, but the refereeing is really lax. Then the refs decide to show up in the last 30 seconds of a game that was basically decided and really killed the excitement. I only bring this up because in Game 2 of the evening that featured Cavel Witter and Tom Whitehead, there was one referee that just sucked it up (and no it wasn’t Mike Sanzere!) Cavel and Tom’s team were up about 7 or 8 with about 30 seconds left. Tom ends up fouling a guy shooting a three and the guy makes all 3 free throws (that was probably a legit foul). Then a foul the other way then a touch foul on Cavel’s team with about 7-13 seconds left where the other team made both free throws. A time out by Cavel’s team. It is a 3 point game. On the ensuing out of bounds the ref gets something up his butt waiting for the teams and puts the ball down counts to 3 and then declares a 5 second call. Then the fireworks get started. Cody Levinson (who is on Cavel’s team) is really upset over the call and starts jabbing with the ref and they talk back and forth, then the ball is taken out by the other team and Cody is in on the play again and the ball is knocked out of bounds. Then all of a sudden a Technical on Cody. Both free throws made and it is still the opponents ball with 7 seconds left and a 1 point game. Cody is finally on the bench. The ref then makes a really bad foul call with 1 second left. The free throws are made–Game Over. Unbelievable. Yes it is only summer ball, but at least you know the refereeing is just as bad there as the regular season.  Not to give Cody more crap, but man, I know the guy sucked and it is summer ball, but you still need to have composure for your team.  All in all it is a learning experience.

As for the rest of the games. There was quite a crowd there for the 7:30 game featuring P’Allen Stinnett and Antoine Young. Antoine looked very good and had some sweet moves and shooting touch. P’Allen was fun as usual with some nice dunks however, seemed a little tired. In the 5:30 game. Booker Woodfox and Josh Jones team got rocked. I just saw the second half, but they as well looked a little tired.  Booker was working on the other parts of his game and not so many 3 bombs.

The rest of the Creighton players were not there last night. Probably on vacation which I’m about to do.


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