Wichita State Finally Joins the 21st Century

Well, maybe they aren’t that far off, but an article in the Wichita Eagle talks about how Koch Arena is finally adding courtside seats for Shocker fans to purchase for a whopping $4260 per seat. The cost for one seat is a $4,000 donation to WSU’s athletic scholarship fund, plus $260 for the price of a season ticket. The seats will be at six of the 10 tables along the court with the middle four tables still reserved for media. There will be 24 courtside seats total.

To compare to the Jays, Creighton has 136 courtside seats, but each one is $1,250 — $600 donation, $650 for a season ticket. Of course, I’m sure that the $600 donation is the low end and that there are higher donations with the Jaybackers.

The rest of the Valley breaks down like this:

Missouri State-With their new arena being built, 48 courtside seats for $5,000 a piece.

Drake-12 seats at $1,000 apiece, the person must make a donation of at least $5,000 per year for five straight years to their Champions Club.  I’m sure that will go up after their one-year wonder.

Southern Illinois-48 seats at $2,500 each.  I wouldn’t pay that kind of money in that building.

Northern Iowa-44 seats on the floor at the going season-ticket rate of $290 each. However, those were assigned based on the level of giving by the season-ticket holder. If that level of giving drops, the fan is in danger of losing his seat. Very similar to Creighton season-ticket holders and any of the Jaybacker donations for any of the seats.

Illinois St.–Have seats that come right up to the court, but they are not sold at a special price

Valley schools not mentioned in the article and courtside seats:

Bradley–They have seats that come up to the court, but not different from other areas of the arena and of course have their own donation requirements called “Ticket Maintenance”

Indiana St–$285 per Season Ticket, $400 Varsity Club Donation per seat. They started their courtside seats last year, but according to their ticket information they also use some courtside seating for Corporate events. 2 courtside seats with complimentary game programs for VIP’s 98 non-priority lower level tickets (100 total tickets) Varsity Club Room access–$750 per game

Evansville–Does not have courtside seating according to their ticket information.


One Response to Wichita State Finally Joins the 21st Century

  1. Jon Green says:

    Creighton – free at Summer League :D.

    It’s awesome being able to see these guys up close for those of us stuck in the upper bowl ;).

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