A Good Night of Basketball

I saw some of the games from last nights first round of the Metro Summer League Basketball Tournament. You could tell that the players were playing more for keeps since there appeared to be a little more defense and not as much flash. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get there until after 8, so I missed the early games. Then some guy started reminiscing about the past before I could get into the gym, so I missed the rest of the 7:30 games, but somebody tell me if I am wrong, but I think the team that had Cavel Witter lost their game last night and so that team is out. During the 8:30 game one of the players from the 7:30 game was in the stands saying that they had an upset, so I assumed that was Cavel’s team. Also Cavel wasn’t there last night.

Anyway, the 8:30 game was to feature several Creighton Jays. Former Jay Rodney Buford and current jays Booker Woodfox, Kenny Lawson, P’Allen Stinnett, Josh Jones and Kenton Walker. Well Booker and Kenny were no-show’s and Kenton still has a small cast on his hand. However, I think it is great that even though Kenton injured his hand in week 1 that he has still been there to support his teammates and definitely happy to be there even though he couldn’t play.

The game was not quite as fast paced as the matchup in week 2. P’Allen’s team was down in the first half for most of it (around 10-15 points) and then turned it on towards the end of the half and into the second half to pull away to win by almost 20 points. P’Allen had his dunks as usual, but his team as a whole really play well together and are really unselfish. P is really relaxed out there, but his leadership really shows. Josh Jones hit some big shots early and was a scoring machine, but then kind of disappeared by the second half. However, the fun part was that P’Allen and Josh basically went 1-on-1 with each other the last 2-3 minutes of the game which was fun to watch. They started talking fun smack with each other right before tipoff so you knew at some point they would matchup. The athletic ability of these 2 guys is impressive and they both got the best of each other a couple of times, but still can tell they have this great rapport that will be great asset come regular season time.

Next week the games are at Omaha Central.

2 Responses to A Good Night of Basketball

  1. […] Dourisseau, Brian Conklin, Cavel Witter, Elijah Collins, Andy King, Avery Tyler) EDIT-According to Bluejay Basketball Cavel’s team actually lost..so UNO’s grads will take on Hastings College at 7:30 next […]

  2. Stephen P. Horn says:

    Too may CU players are not showing. Would love to see Chad for instance. Will the playoffs kill off other CU involved teams? Probab;ly, especially if they do not show.

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