Last Summer League Games and Other News

Just a few tidbits of things in the lulls of the off-season until the schedule comes out.

  • The Metro Summer Basketball League is coming to a close this Thursday.   The way it shakes out is that UNO will play UNK at 5:30 while the UNO Grads will take on PCS Phosphate featuring P’Allen Stinnett from the Jays at 6:30 and the winners will play each other for the championship at 7:45.   P’Allen really stepped it up last week to help his team pull out a  win.  It is just fun to seem him and the other Jays play ball so if you need some entertainment, the matchups should be pretty good.
  • One Jay we haven’t seen on the court this summer is Josh Dotzler.  I talked to a friend of mine who is close to the family and the way it sounded was that he was taking the summer off to try and completely heal up after the knee surgery almost 2 years ago and all of the other “odd” injuries that have plagued him since getting injured against Southern Illinois his freshman year.     But I sometimes don’t know how much “friend” information is reliable, but if anyone else has any info, I would be game to hear it.  I suppose there is something to be said about taking a little time away from basketball to re-focus.
  • Some of you may have seen the ESPN Prestige Rankings that they put out a week or so ago on the most “Prestigious” teams since 1985.  The highest Valley team is Southern Illinois at 53rd.  The Jays come in at 59th, with Missouri State in the middle.  I can’t really say I agree with that.  The Jays somehow not getting in front of the Cubs is sort of surprising.    Rush the Court has a good breakdown of the numbers involved in coming up with these rankings and their own opinions.  I sort of go with their thoughts on this whole thing.  I mean come on, Murray State at #30?   No wonder Issac Miles went there.  All that Prestige :) RTC didn’t think Xavier deserved 8th, but really I don’t think they get enough respect sometimes and are a quality program that always seem to be in the mix.  Another interesting note was that Drake accumulated -45 points in this ranking system showing what a unique season they had last season.  But I guess it is “unbiased” just like everything else from the spin doctors at ESPN.
  • And finally on a lighter note, Jay opponent St. Joseph’s mascot the “Hawk” is nominated for the Mascot Hall of Fame.  You can check out more information on this “prestigious” institution at the Mascot Hall of Fame website.  Now I am inspired to play the Mascot game on NCAA Football 2009  Ha ha!!

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