Around the Rim — 8/19/08

Man, I enjoy and wish it were summer all year round, but things are slow around here and I am already ready for some college basketball. (Though football is great too.) Just a few things going around

  • As many of you may know by now, Justin Carter’s summer league team lost in the semi-finals of the Say No Classic summer league tournament with a close three point loss in overtime. However, Justin led the way again with 18 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists.
  • Coach Altman was playing some golf again this week in a celebrity golf tournament to help raise money for the College Basketball Experience. located at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. It is a college basketball museum, but more of an interactive look at the history of basketball.
  • You can tell that basketball is getting a little bit closer as some sites start to put up some previews. ESPN did their Shootaround series on the Valley last week where they look at Creighton to be tougher than last year since they return 72% of the scoring and 66% of the rebounding. Some props to P’Allen, Booker and Cavel. ESPN questions replacing Dane Watt’s rebounding, but with improvements in Kenny Lawson’s and Kenton Walker’s (getting an overseas experience with Dane Watts earlier this summer) games and the addition of Justin Carter I think that can be replaced.
  • Along the same lines, CollegeHoopsNet has their Rise and Fall series where they evaluate the different conferences progression and regression. They gave the Valley a “Status Quo” ranking between this past season and the season before because of the only NCAA bid going to Drake. I suppose that is fair especially since the rest of the Valley teams didn’t perform when they needed to against the “BCS” competition last year compared to the year before.
  • Then there is a little more feel for the season upcoming as some of the Valley schools have officially released their non-conference schedules. Missouri State (@Auburn, Arkansas), Evansville (@Butler, @North Carolina) and Bradley (Florida or Syracuse at CBE Classic, @Michigan St., Butler) have released their schedules. The rest of the Valley schools might be waiting for the conference schedule to be finalized so they can release the full schedule at once. It sounds like a few Valley schools have to wait for their home venues where facilities are shared to finish scheduling to see what is open for playing games, so that is what is taking the conference so long to get the schedule finalized. It has been mentioned on here before a sampling of what the other Valley teams have on their non-conference schedule. I have tried to keep a tally of the Jays schedule so far, and with several teams releasing their schedules lately, I would have hoped to see one that had the Jays on the schedule that we didn’t know about, but no such luck so far. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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