Dustin Sitzmann–All Valley last season!

Ok, so you read that title and think, “Man, this guy is an idiot.” Yes, if I professed that as fact, I would be an idiot. As you read these preseason previews and things to look out for, you have to be selective on who you consider credible. Let’s take two examples from this past week.

First there is Perry Missner from ProFantasySports.com who did an article on the top 10 Valley players to watch this season. At #7 is P’Allen Stinnett:

7. G P’Allen Stinnett, Creighton BlueJays

Stinnett came to Creighton as one of the more highly regarded recruits in the MVC last year. In his freshman season, he showed that he could score, but like most first year players he has some issues with inconsistency. The 6-3 Stinnett has a nice all-around offensive game, but he can be shut down if he three point shot is not working. He made just 31.7 percent of his threes, but hit four or more in five games, including five treys and 23 points in the season opener against DePaul (a nice Creighton win). Unfortunately, Stinnett rarely strung two good games together, so fantasy owners never knew what was going to come next. As a sophomore, Stinnett will team with senior F Dane Watts but Creighton will need more consistency from their two-headed point (Cavel Witter and Josh Dotzler) to make some strides back to the top of the conference.

OK, anyone that has any knowledge of the Jays knows that Dane Watts was a Senior last season.  After looking at the list, I’m not so sure this guy has a real clue about the Valley other than looking at some stats.  Because seriously folks, Bucky Cox from Drake at #2.  I guess see what you think.  I gave the guy my thoughts and told him of his mistake, so maybe when you read this, it might be fixed Mr. Missner updated the entry and also posted a comment on here.  Sorry Perry, had to pick on you.

Example #2 comes from the Ballin is a Habit blog where they profess they are “self-proclaimed experts on the subject of College Basketball.”  They did their own preview of the Jays just last week on their blog.

Key Returnees: P’Allen Stinnett (12.6 ppg, 3.4 rpg), Cavel Bradley (9.1 ppg, 2.5 apg), Josh Dotzler (3.6 apg, 2:1 a/to)

Cavel Bradley and Booker Woodfox, two guards that also come off the bench (both averaged 9 ppg in about 18 mpg), will also see a lot of time and be counted on for a lot of scoring.

I think Cavel Bradley will do a bang-up job this year!  Huh?  They must have had the Bradley team on their minds when doing the Jays preview and forgot that it should be Cavel Witter.  They also don’t seem to be aware of Justin Carter in the mix or for that matter Tom Whitehead was around at one time.   Then they also glaze over P’Allen Stinnett.  Weak preview.  Then they have a preview of Illinois State and granted Osiris Eldridge is a fun player to watch, but you would think he was the second coming in the way they talk him up.  I let them know about Mr. Bradley too, so that might be fixed when you read their site as well as Mr. ProFantasy.  However, Ballin is a Habit will not be a habit for me.

Now I don’t mean to be picky, but my thoughts are, unless you know the team or have done your research, little things like this discredit you as a writer and or “expert” in your field even if it is a hobby.  Guess things are slow, so I have to complain about something.

BTW, Kyle Korver got to play in the Siegfried & Jensen Utah Open golf tournament this weekend using the sponsor’s exemption.  Sounds like he drew quite the crowd.  Kyle didn’t do too bad posting a +13 and beating out two other pro golfers.  He got to play another round today and cut 6 shots off to be at +7 and ahead of 12 pros after today.


2 Responses to Dustin Sitzmann–All Valley last season!

  1. Yep, I deserved that (and I’ve edited it out, so only people reading your blog will know that I am the idiot). Usually, my research is better than that, but I’ll admit to a mistake here or there.

    Now, the challenge to you – give me your list of top ten fantasy prospects. That is, wins and losses make no difference – I just want the numbers.

    Also, for full disclosure, I have a fantasy team in a keeper-type league and drafted Stinnett prior to last year. So, while I will admit to being a 75% idiot – I am not quite the 100% way there.

  2. Rob Dauster says:

    First of all, I appreciate the heads up on Cavel WITTER, it was a pretty dumb mistake (and is changed, so only Blue Jay basketball fans will know now). But anyway, i don’t think it is fair to judge the blog as a whole because I messed up the name of a role player on a team that was middle of the road MVC last year. We all make mistakes, and I’m sure you have along the way at some point as well.

    For the record, the Creighton preview was the hardest one for me to write because I didn’t actually see them play last year (it’s tough when you’re on the east coast in Big East and ACC country to get MVC games). I saw Drake, and I saw ISU, but I pretty much had to write about Creighton based off stuff I read about them. Not really an excuse, but its the truth.

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