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No, I don’t have the TV schedule for the Jays yet, but I am working hard to find out although it should be released soon.  Update:  I got an e-mail back from MVC commissioner Doug Elgin and he said that they have a tentative schedule but that networks can make changes up until September 30th.  However, the MVC could be releasing a TV schedule as early as Sept. 12th. Coach Altman said there are some ESPN family of networks games that the Jays will take part in, but didn’t note any specifics.  I did hear Travis Justice say one day that KMTV was possibly doing 8-10 games including the St. Joseph’s game at the Palestra.

But the one thing that appears definite is that Scott Schumacher is out as color commentator (thank goodness) for the KMTV games and former Jay Nick Bahe will fill those shoes.  Nick will have a busy year:

  • He will be the Graduate Assistant on the Jays staff
  • He will do color commentary with Travis Justice on the games broadcast by KMTV
  • He will do color commentary with T. Scott Marr on the games that are on the radio

Many of you may know this news already from reading the ‘Cafe but it sounds like for the games that are on KMTV that Bahe will be doing, that the radio color commentary will probably be done by former Jay Jimmy Motz (most likely the home games) and for the road games if Bahe cannot, probably Kevin Sarver on the radio

I guess the confusing thing for me  is that if Nick is the GA for the team, doesn’t he have to be on the sidelines with the team for at least some of the games?  Maybe someone can clarify that for me.

Either way, I definitely will not miss the color commentary from Mr. Schumacher and the awkward postgame interview that he always stopped Coach Altman on his way to the locker room.  It seemed like everytime Scott tried to interview Coach Altman that if he didn’t ask the right question he would get body slammed, especially after the losses –“Coach, how did it feel to lose the game?”  Gee Sherlock, how do you think it feels?  After losing a game, I think you can bypass that interview.


2 Responses to Broadcast News

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  2. […] has published an article on what former Jay, Nick Bahe, will be doing this year.  As mentioned in early September he will be doing Radio and TV coverage for Creighton games as well as being the Graduate Assistant […]

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