Commercials and Videos

Just some opponent news today:

Jays opponent Dayton today announced that they would like to have fans participate in the Dayton Flyer Men’s Basketball commercials for this season.  They have it all organized and seem to have a professional setup.   They say an attendance will be necessary to create a game-like atmosphere at UD Arena. More info:

Registration & Participation – All fans in attendance will be seen in the crowd shots, but those who want to be involved in the close-ups can register before the taping on the signup sheets located in the UD Arena concourse. Fans will be selected for the commercial 15 minutes prior to filming.

Parking – All parking is free to the public. Fans can enter through the B Gate and park in the A Lot. Spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Autographs – The Flyer men’s basketball players will mingle with those in attendance signing autographs, posing for photos and talking UD basketball. It will be the first look for Flyer fans to see the 2008-09 Flyers, led by returning starters Chris Wright, Marcus Johnson and Kurt Huelsman and senior Charles Little and junior London Warren.

Concessions – Refreshments will be available to everyone attending, and the full-service concession stands will be open. Dayton Flyer merchandise will be sold during the taping.

You may recall earlier this summer Dayton won an award for the commercial they did last year. Check it out:


It looks like this year they are upping the ante to include a bunch of fans.  It will be interesting to see how it turns out

Now something like this would be really cool if Creighton’s marketing department and the Qwest Center video people would make a cool commercial or something like it.  It could be used on TV, Qwest Center board, or even on the Athletics website.  Just something to get pumped for the Jays.


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