Justin Carter is the Man

In Sunday’s Omaha World Herald, the writers are finally trying to catch up to what has been talked about on here and the Bluejay Cafe the past few weeks.  Justin Carter is the Man.  Well, I haven’t been saying that, but find it funny that it has taken OWH so long to write an article on him.  So I guess this article is sort of an add-on to what has been talked about the past few weeks.  This blog has been found quite a bit for days leading up to the OWH article on a search for “Justin Carter” and “Justin Carter basketball”  I guess they needed to catch up.

How about the World Herald stop sucking up to “Nebraska fan” and writing article after article about Jorge Diaz when he might not even be at Nebraska.  I don’t feel good about calling them out because they do decent coverage of Creighton Basketball, but they could do more and do it better.  Frankly for the past several years Nebraska Basketball has sucked.    Creighton has worked to be hightly successful over the past 10 years and they get secondary treatment to everything Husker related by the OWH.  I could say that for Creighton University as a whole as well, but that is another story in a whole other arena.

Instead of worrying if Nebraska will change rules on how they admit athletes or “special situations” I think there needs to be more scrutiny under what conditions players are being brought in.   The baggage that some of these players are coming in with and yet they are a “steal” for Doc Sadler is ridiculous.  If Dana Altman did something like this, they would be asking him to leave town.  I have never seen so much bungling of recruiting when only originally trying to fill 2 scholarships as I have seen from Nebraska this year and they get publicity for that.  What a joke.   Tom Shatel writing 2 articles on Nebraska recruiting is a total waste of space.  Creighton gets a decent article about their schedule when it was released, but then there were about 2-3 articles about Nebraska’s schedule because they “still had a game to fill.”  Well, I’m sure Creighton has had games to fill, but that isn’t covered at all.  Nebraska doesn’t deserve the talk.  Until Nebraska can produce a basketball product that is worth talking about, save it until then.

Frankly the OWH should be doing in-depth articles about each player on the Jays roster or start previewing opponents instead of almost absolutely nothing.  That is what the population of Omaha deserves and that is what they want.  Whether it is a social, status or party thing to be at the Qwest Center during basketball season, there is a reason it is happening and it isn’t the paltry 4000-5000 that might straggle in to see a Husker game.   Creighton may not be Nebraska’s team across the state, but they are Omaha’s team for sure and that needs to reflect the “Omaha World Herald”

BTW–Rush the Court posted an article on the Husker recruiting fiascos that I submitted to them.  Enjoy


2 Responses to Justin Carter is the Man

  1. Bret Nellor says:

    First off, nice site you have here!

    Good observation about the OWH. As a Omaha Husker bball fan, I think the OWH’s coverage stinks compared to the Lincoln Journal Star. I agree with you that they should focus on Creighton’s team since it is the local team for Omahans. But I’m sure they feel obligated to cover the Huskers due to the paper’s wide distribution throughout the state of Nebraska.

    As for NU’s recruiting problems, yes it has been a mess this offseason. All I ask for is that our school’s guidelines should be on par with other Big 12 schools in order to level the playing field with our conference opponents when comes to recruiting.

  2. bob jackball says:

    yeah, there should be more stories about creighton in the OWH. nebraska did okay okay last season by making it to the second round of the NIT but why not focus on creighton more? they are the team that actually plays IN OMAHA. plus, creighton made it to the second round of the NIT last season so they clearly deserve a little more ink than the huskers. until nebraska can match what creighton does and play a better schedule than what they play in the non-conference and the big XII they can’t be considered on par with the jays and their awesome non-conference/mo valley schedule of games.

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