Opponent News–9/12/08

A couple of ESPN articles today focuses on some of the Jays opponents and some Valley notes

  • ESPN’s Andy Katz put an article out today on Steve Alford, current head coach of opening game opponent Newe Mexico, and how he has “mellowed” out since his days at MIssouri St. and Iowa and how he doesn’t need the pressure of Indiana basketball on his resume anymore.  Interesting read.  Probably sheds some light on why he finally agreed to schedule a game with Dana Altman and the Jays.
  • Good Ol Dickie V. started his season of writing random basketball notes called “Roundball Chatter.”  The first installment talks about ormer Bradley and NBA star Hersey Hawkin’s son committing to Arizona State.  He also must have had Drake on his mind as 3 different bullet points included Drake.  First, he talks about the Bracketbuster event that he loves (I’m not sure why anymore) and mentions the top teams in the field listing the Jays, Southern Illinois and Drake.  Then he goes on to mention Keno Davis, former Drake coach, now at Providence who stole away a player that was looking at Drake.  Finally,  he mentions the Cancun exempt tournament over Thanksgiving that includes the Bulldogs.  Dickie must have forgotten about the regular season.  “A little more than 6 months away from Selection Sunday.”  Whoa!  What happened to the regular season.   I guess it doesn’t matter since the teams he expects to be in it will be there.
  • The Valley TV schedule will be released soon between Monday and the first of October, but the Valley games that have been found so far on the TV listings are:
    Evansville @ North Carolina, Dec.  18th-ESPN
    Utah @ Missouri St, Nov 28th-MTN
    Wichita St. vs Georgetown (Old Spice Classic), Nov. 27th-ESPN2
    Drake @Iowa St, Dec. 9th–ESPNU
    Southern Illinois @ Missouri St, Feb 7-ESPN2

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