Where Do They Come From?

There have always been questions on whose team the Creighton Bluejays are.  I have always heard projections on what fans make up the Jays fan base, but never any real hard facts.  Well folks, we now have some numbers to be able to help answer that question.  Thanks to the Creighton ticket office, they were able to provide some raw numbers and locations on where the season ticket holders are located.  Understand that these are season ticket holders that could hold x number of tickets.  So let’s say there is one ticket holder in Minnesota, they could have maybe 5 season tickets, but another state with one ticket holder like Florida has 2 season tickets. So we are talking about the actual numbers of ticket holders not the number of tickets.  What is interesting is that there are season ticket holders in 24 states and the District of Columbia.  There is even a ticket holder in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The top 5 states with Season Ticket holders are:

Nebraska 4605
Iowa 290
Missouri 12
Colorado 7
Arizona 5

The Top 10 Cities with Season Ticket holders are:

Omaha, NE 3899
Council Bluffs, IA 160
Papillion, NE 156
Bellevue, NE 122
La Vista, NE 77
Bennington, NE 53
Gretna, NE 44
Fremont, NE 37
Blair, NE 33
Lincoln, NE 23

Let’s break this down a little more.

Creighton has 4955 season ticket holder for Men’s basketball that accounts for over 12,000 season tickets.  Out of that number,  4605 or 93% of the ticket holders live in Nebraska.  290 or 6% of the ticket holders live in Iowa.

Of the 4605 Nebraska ticket holders, 3899 or 85% of the season ticket holders live in Omaha.  If you include the Omaha metro to include Papillion, LaVista, Gretna, and Bellevue, then it goes up to 4216 or 92% of the state’s season ticket holders.  That leaves 8% of the Nebraska ticket holders that live outside the Omaha metro.   Bennington, Fremont, Blair and Lincoln make up a little over 3% of the 8% remaining.

When you take a look at Iowa, 160 or 55% of their ticket holders live in Council Bluffs.  The only other double-digit towns in Iowa are Glenwood with 21, Carter Lake with 11, and Harlan with 11.

So this is clearly an Omaha Metro fan base.  This also means when they open their papers in the morning, there should be some great coverage of “Omaha’s team” and not the team 50 miles down the road when it comes to basketball.

As for the other 23 states that have season ticket holders, I wonder how many of those are used by family and friends that live in Nebraska or how many games those outside the state are able to attend.   It would be fun to hear from the ticket holders in New York and Pennsylvania or some of those outlying states to see how that has worked out.  If anyone has any stories about this and regularly attending games from out of state, it would be interesting to hear.

With attendance figures for the Jays ranking in the top 15 for the last few years, it makes sense with the fanbase so close to the Qwest Center.  With this year’s Jay team, I’m sure it could be expected the place to be full and record attendance figures this year.


3 Responses to Where Do They Come From?

  1. Jeff says:

    Does anyone know what the season tickets are based on? I mean, do they go by mailing address or by the address of whomever pays for the tickets? I could see some parents buying tickets for their children who live in Omaha, but they live in Omaha. Or, perhaps, they’re just wealthy and able to travel to games on a whim. Just a thought. Interesting article though.

  2. gtmo says:

    These numbers are interesting.. There doesn’t appear to be any correlation to major population centers, nor areas of major alumni populations-other than Omaha. Looks to be heavily Omaha-centric. Good work.

    Generally ST sales are based around interest in the team – although many out-of-towners, may only attend a few games/year. ST’s may be counted as a donation to the U, so I believe that they are tax deductible (that should be checked, as I am not 100% positive on that).

    However, ST’s as a business expense are standard fare for businesses (generally corporations), making ST holding a win-win situation for them.

    When alumni population centers are overlapped on the Season Ticket map – only Neb/Iowa will show a positive correlation, Cali, DC, MN, and other areas will show a disconnect.

  3. FDJay says:

    I live in Atlanta and have 2 season tickets. I got transferred here for work 2 years ago and didn’t want to give up my tickets. I have friends use the tickets, but get first dibs when I come back to Omaha to visit or for business. I still travel to St. Louis each year and try to make a couple other trips. Las Vegas here I come.

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