Open House Set

Your first public opportunity to see this year’s Jays on the court has been set.  The annual open house at the Qwest Center to “choose your seat” night and see the Jays practice has been set for Tuesday, October 28th from 5:30-7:30 PM.  Admission is free and some concession stands will be open. You can park in Lot B for free, but if you park in Lots A, C or D it will cost you $6, or if you park in the arena garage, it will cost $10.

If you don’t have season tickets yet, this is your opportunity as upper bowl seats not yet sold as season tickets will be tagged and available for purchase.  If you ask me, this might be one of your final opportunties where season tickets will still easily be available.  With already over 12,000 season tickets sold, the numbers have gone up each year.  Creighton is being predicted by many to be the team to beat in the Valley this season, so this could be a hot ticket.

Officially, regular season practices start on October 17th, though teams are able to practice 2 hours a week starting September 15th.  Some schools like Kentucky, Kansas and North Carolina offer a “Midnight Madness” event for fans on the first day of official practice and a chance to see some fun things like a dunk contest, shooting skills, etc. to get people excited about the team.  In fact this year, Kentucky is having their “Midnight Madness” event a week before offical start of practices just to be unique and to take advantage of the 2 hour a week practice provision.    However, Coach Altman and the Bluejay staff have not organized or have desired any of the “Midnight Madness” things that other universities do.   If I remember correctly, there were events like this when Coach Altman was at K-State and one of their main players got injured at the Midnight Madness event and has since not desired to do anything like that again.  Yes, Midnight Madness is a bit of a publicity stunt, but gets people excited about the team.

Anyway, put October 28th on your calendars to go see the Jays practice and to see the potential out on the court.  Since we can’t see the scrimmiage with Iowa St. this is probably the next best thing before the exhibition game on November 9th.


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