Recruit Updates

  • Yesterday, Matt Perrault from Big Sports 590 interviewed the Jays 1st 2009-10 recruit Ethan Wragge.  He talks to him about how the Jays recruited him and his family ties back to the state of Nebraska and the ties to Creighton. The Qwest Center was a big factor in his decision.  Ethan became a big target for Creighton when Tom Whitehead left the team.  It was a very good interview and a lot of great information.Enjoy the full podcast from Big Sports 590.  Ethan Wragge Interview
  • The Omaha World Herald did an article today on the 2nd recruit of the 2009-10 class, Andrew Bock.  This recruit makes it now 4 Jays that will be on the roster next season with California ties (Lawson, Walker, Carter, Bock).  Looks like Coach Fish and Coach Devries are doing a great job with Coach Altman for the Jays now in California.  Looks like there needs to be some games scheduled out there–But please with some other team than Fresno St.

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