Around the Rim–10/1/08

We are starting October.  A couple weeks away from the official start of practice.  Basketball will be back soon enough.  Anyway a few quick things today:

  • The Omaha World Herald has published an article on what former Jay, Nick Bahe, will be doing this year.  As mentioned in early September he will be doing Radio and TV coverage for Creighton games as well as being the Graduate Assistant for Coach Altman on the basketball team.  He gets to be on the other side of the fence now.   A very interesting story.
  • Matt Perrault on Big Sports 590 kicked off the Tuesday Bluejay Countdown to Tip-off series by interviewing verbal recruit Andrew Bock today.  It was a very in depth discussion on how he decided on Creighton.  Andrew has not been to a game at the Qwest Center (obviously since he just got started to be recruited by the Jays just recently), but hopes to make a trip to Omaha during this season.  A very odd commitment and recruiting process as Andrew really didn’t seem to know much about Creighton and seems odd that he committed to Creighton.  Let’s hope this is a good decision for him, but it almost seems like he isn’t completely sure about this.  I’m probably just being paranoid.
  • MVC basketball media day is on October 28th…the same day as the Jays open house at the Qwest Center for fans.  That might be a long day for Coach Altman and a couple of the players flying down for the media day and then back for practice in the evening.  The media schedule goes from 10am-2pm and then Open House starts at 5:30.  That will be cutting it close.
  • Last I ran across an article on the Colonial conference and how it has done almost everything it can to get it’s basketball teams on TV.  The CAA is one of the most televised conferences outside of the BCS conferences.  They try to get as many TV slots as possible. The CAA had 107 games televised last season, including 52 regular-season conference games.  Although larger conferences get more TV exposure (ACC had 187 games on TV) the CAA gets on TV more than most BCS conferences.  To compare from a Valley perspective, the MVC had 44 television games last season on major networks.  With the TV schedule for the Valley looming, I will be very interested to see how their TV schedule shapes up.  The MVC is one of the major conferences outside of the BCS conferences so, no offense to the CAA, but it is curious why the MVC teams cannot get on TV as much or more than the CAA.
  • The NCAA is looking into what they need to do to cut costs when it comes to having teams travel to participate in NCAA Championships.  There was a $7.2 million dollar increase this past year with travel expenses related to teams travel to the different NCAA championship tournaments.  Indications tell them that there may be a constant $6-7 million dollar increase in travel expenses if nothing is changed to current travel, bracketing and seeding policies.  With increasing fuel prices and the economy the way it is, there could be some changes to the NCAA Basketball tournament format starting as early as this year if they feel there is a need to cut costs.  So I say if the Jays make the NCAA Tournament this year, it is probably more likely they would be seeded appropriately to be closer to home.  That means get your tickets to the Sprint Center now for the NCAA Tournament.  It will be very interesting to see the bracketing that might come out of the selection committee this year if they are tasked with making sure not just the higher bracketed teams stay closer to home, but lower bracketed teams as well.  It might mean the difference of a team like Texas if they get a 2 seed or get a 7 seed.  It could be interesting.
  • BTW, Kyle Korver and his foundation did break the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest kickball game ever, playing for 25 hours and 15 minutes straight.  The group played 164 innings,  scored 213 runs and popped 5 kickballs.  Now he wants to retire…from kickball. Hopefully Hoopscentral isn’t correct in saying that Kyle needs to be traded this year.
  • Finally, Missouri State’s brand new $67 million JQH Arena might look a little empty in person and on TV this season.  The Missouri State Athletic office has decided that they will not sell single game tickets in the lower bowl at the JQH Arena.  In the past at the old home of the Bears, some people might attend only a few games and be able to request the closest seat available and get some great seats.  Well now, unless you are a season ticket holder in the lower bowl section and paid your special “Seat Assessment Fee” they will not sell single game tickets to non season ticket holders.  I guess that sounds fair in some respects for those who have paid the extra money to get their season tickets in those prime spots.  But if that is the case, then just add some extra fees to the tickets and make the single game tickets cost what it would with the “Seat Assessment Fee.”  Let’s be honest, for a brand new arena that is going to be on TV several times this season, wouldn’t Athletics want that place packed?  Maybe it won’t make a difference since the Cubs are projected to finish last in the MVC this season.  So people probably won’t show up anyway.

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