TV Time For the Valley

With the release of the Valley TV package and most other opponents packages, most of the National TV games have been set.  Let’s take a look at how the Valley faired:

Bradley 2 3 1
Creighton 1 1 4 9
Drake 1 5 4
Evansville 1 1 2
Illinois St. 2 4
Indiana St. 1 4 1 8
Missouri St. 1 1 3 1
N. Iowa 1 2 2 9
So. Ill 2 4 4 8
Wichita St (1) 1 (1) 1 (2) 2 1 12

() — Possible games on Network
Other–Local Coverage or ESPN Full Court

Looking at this, excluding the local coverage, Drake and Southern Illinois lead the way with 10 appearances on the ESPN/FSN families.  Creighton and Illinois St. follow with 6.  Depending on how Wichita does in the Old Spice Classic, they could be on one of the ESPN Networks another 2 times which would put them up to 6 as well.

I wish I knew how they determined which teams to put on TV.  It appears that they are basing some of the TV exposure based on last year’s finish in the Valley standings, but yet that isn’t really consistent when SIU gets more exposure than Illinois St.  I would be interested in having the teams expected to be at the top of the league with the most exposure.  I guess I am just a little disappointed that with so many publications and preseason things having predicting Creighton to be at the top of the league this year that it wasn’t arranged to have them on the ESPN networks a little more.  With one game each on ESPN2 and ESPNU, this is no better than predicted basement dweller Missouri State.

Now this matrix may fluctuate a little bit as  Bradley, Drake, Evansville, Illinois St., Missouri St., and Wichita St., don’t really have their online schedules updated with TV information and I am going with what I have compiled.  There are also open slots on the ESPN family for the Bracketbuster weekend and on the last weekend of the season an open slot on ESPNU and FSN for the “wildcard” games.  However, the main updates will be to the “other” column for local broadcast coverage.

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