Jazz Preseason Game in Omaha

The Salt Lake Tribune today printed some notes on the NBA’s Utah Jazz on Friday which former Jay Kyle Korver is a part of.  When asked whether he would like the Jazz to take part in a Pre-Season game in Omaha, Kyle had this to say:

“Absolutely, it’d be awesome,” Korver said. “People have talked to me about that because they had a couple of games [in the past], but it was always other teams.”

I think it would be great.  There have been a couple of pre-season or exhibition NBA games in Omaha at the Qwest Center before, but there was no local flair to it, so I have never gone myself.  The exhibitions have been attended well because of the opportunity to see the NBA players.  However, having an NBA team with Omaha or the State of Nebraska ties to come and play a game at the Qwest Center would draw an even bigger crowd and definitely be more into it. That would be an opportunity for the Jays also to also see the NBA locally and to see that going to Creighton will give you the opportunity to be in the NBA.

Qwest Center officials, make the call to the NBA now and get something setup for next season for Kyle and whatever team he is playing for come to Omaha for a game.  That would be a blast.


One Response to Jazz Preseason Game in Omaha

  1. Jaymac94 says:

    How about angling for a Utah vs San Antonio preseason game matching the Jays most recent NBA players. Local interest would be phenomenal. This is of course anticipating a strong season from Anthony that leads to a multi-year deal.

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