A Word on All the Teams

A guy over at this Blog took the time to give a couple sentence analysis of every team in Division I this year.  A very interesting and sometimes funny read and if you want the quick and dirty about the opponents.  So you don’t have to sift through it, here is what he said about Creighton:

Creighton: Oh hi, you know what the Blue Jays have? Three stud guards with problems! Josh Dotzler is the hard luck distributor. Can he overcome his injuries? P’Allen Stinnett is the enigmatic and mercurial two guard. His athleticism is explosive, but can he control his inner fire? Justin Carter is the new guy. Can he be a taller Jamaal Tatum? And can Dana Altman keep them consistent?

And just to give you a taste of the opponents for the upcoming season, here is what was written about the rest of the Jays opponents:

New Mexico: The Lobos fell just short in getting to the tournament. And do you want to know the key to them coming across the line? Tony Dandridge. The redshirt was awesome two years ago. If he can generate 80% of J.R. Giddens? The Lobos can overtake the Beas and win the day.

Arkansas Pine Bluff: Terrence Calvin is the lone man with experience facing down a non-conference schedule that can be murderous. He’s great at the isolation game, but unless Antonio Ootsey can roll up on the world with style and aplomb? This may not be the year to invest in the Golden Lions.

Oral Roberts: The cupboard may not be bare. Robert Jarvis and Marcus Lewis have bills-paying skills. That being said? Four starters are gone. But you know what, scratch that. Oral Roberts recruited a man named Beloved Rogers to be a guard. That, that I can appreciate.

Arkansas Little Rock: If you all like balance? You have to like UALR. All five starters return. All five starters averaged between six and ten points. All five starters are between 6’4″ and 6’8.” Okay, Steven Moore’s only 6’0″, but the point is. An experienced team with good balance? They have a chance to usurp the dominance in the Sun Belt back to the West.

Nebraska: Doc Sadler lost some magic for this season. A collegiate stay of less time than Tommy Lee screwed them out of Robert Sallie. And Aleks Maric is studying up to be a Jamario Moon in 2013. But Ade Dagundro is a lockdown defender and he has elevation holmes.

Mississippi Valley State: Now for the Historically Black Colleges and Universities? A winning Non-Conference record is something to behold. Sad? Yes. But it’s a fact of life. The Delta Devils had that glory last year. But alas, Stanford Speech’s graduation leaves the cupboard pretty bare.

St. Joseph’s: Ahmad Nivins is a weapon at the four. He’s got the potential to roll out with a 20-10 season. If he gets low post help. Tasheed Carr and Darrin Govens are a mighty fan back court duo. Also? If you’re wondering if Mike Auriemma’s any relation to UConn coach Geno? Yes, yes he is.

Dayton: Chris Wright was the glue that held the team together in 2007-2008. The Freshman sensation was the reason the Flyers, well, flew high. He was also the reason they crashed and burned. If London Warren can be the outside to the talented front court? They may get the NCAA Tournament trip the Flyers were so denied previously.

Northern Colorado: I cannot get sufficiently hyped for the 2008-2009 version of Northern Colorado. Sure, Jabril Banks is a solid force. But Thanasi Panagiotakopolous has graduated. I have a rule, I cannot feel good about a team after a player with an eight-syllable last name has graduated. Sorry.

Southern: Sadly, there is no Will Smith at the former home of Ben Jobe. Because that would just be awesome. Why? Because their third guard is named Jeff “Jazz” Williams. They do have Barry Honore’ and yes, he can get them to what has turned out to be a racially charged play-in game.

Fresno State: Are you asking for a bloodline challenge? I can get you one. You remember pure shooter Eddie Johnson? Well, if you wanted a money guy with the game on the line? You went to Eddie Johnson. And the Eddie Johnson at Fresno State is technically a junior. If bloodlines mean anything? Fresno has a bomber.

DePaul: I have to tell you, when I look at an 11-19 team and see four starters gone, you would think that the Blue Demons are a team that has no hope for 2008-2009, right? Wrong. The youth is higly talented. Dar Tucker and Mac Koshwai have the potential to be an All-conference frontcourt. The backcourt is young, but Wainright has a firable offense if these guys all graduate and have no Big Dance. The talent is there.

Saint Louis: Last year was a bit of a disaster. We’ll admit it. But Rick Majerus has his wacky misadventures, a brand spanking new arena in the Chaifetz Arena, and a half-decent back court. With Tommie Lidell and Kevin Lisch, this team can steal some wins.

And then the rest of the Valley:

Bradley: There’s going to be a running theme in the MVC. Talented guardplay is available in spades. And the Braves got some. Sam Maniscalco is the penetrator, and he’s going to kick it out to Andrew Warren and Theron (really a forward but built like a 2 guard) Wilson. There’s no Patrick O’ Bryant, but there is fun times for Jim Les!
Drake: Sure, Keno Davis is gone. Adam Emenecker is gone. Entirely too handsome Korver brother is gone. But the folks of Des Moines should not fret. The Bulldogs are not without their skills. Josh Young is a sharpshooter of the highest order. And Jonathan Cox is a one-man dual threat. It went perfect last year, but Drake’s not gonna fade gently to black.
Evansville: There are holes, but on the wing? There’s real talent. The awesomely named Shy Ely broke through as the Purple Aces struggled to get to ten wins. And if Jason Holsinger can be a better distributorial decision-maker? There’s a start. Also? Denver Holmes just may be the most famous Denver in pop culture since TV’s Uncle Jessie. Dukes of Hazzard.
Illinois State: Osiris Eldrige is an All-league candidate who became big as the season ended. With an exodus of backcourt talent, he gets a chance to be all seeing and the leader of the offense. Other than that? They love the drive and kick-out game. And they have the shooters to make another run at the top.
Indiana State: Now, the most famous Stinson of all time is SNL one off gimmick Connie. But the Sycamores have a contender. Marico Syinson has an ability to go unconcious and sew the mouths of fat hogs closed by just shooting the lights out. He’s like Walken. You never know where he’s gonna go. You just know that there’s gonna be a dance sequence.
Missouri State: Now, this one may just be for me. But Cuonzo Martin’s a man who brings back excellent memories of the classic Wisconsin-Purdue Michael Finley-Glenn Robinson duel. If he’s awesome by association? Missouri State has found themselves a pretty good hire.
Northern Iowa: If it stands that playing with the opposite strengths of the rest of the conference can bring you luck? Then the Panthers could get very interesting. The Missouri Valley is a very guard heavy conference, but the Panthers love is in the low post. Adam Koch got swole so he can play a more effective four. And Jordan Eglseder is 7’1″ and can do a pretty good impression of a Luke Schenscherr.
Southern Illinois: With Randal Falker and Matt Shaw graduated, the Salukis have a wide open window of opportunity in their frontcourt. Luckily, they’ve got a blue-chipper coming in. Anthony Booker is the most-hyped Saluki to ever come into the program. However? The question is, can the backcourt be more consistent? If it can? Last year was just a blip.
Wichita State: Listen, let’s be honest. The Shockers have been one in the stink since their Sweet 16 Run. But is there hope? Absolutely. Gregg Marshall made Winthrop Winthrop. And last year was a whole hell of a lot more about bad luck than bad play. And Ramon Clemente is a man who can be the high-energy glass cleaner. They’ll be back.

Happy Wednesday.  25 days until the regular season starts.  It can’t get here soon enough.


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