Tolliver 1 of 3 fighting for 2

Anthony Tolliver is on the edge, but looking likely to garner one of the two remaining roster spots on the San Antonio Spurs 15 man roster.  The last preseason game is this evening against Miami.  According to the San Antonio Express News, they are speculating that Anthony has an advantage of the other two players, Desmon Farmer and Malik Hairston mainly because Anthony plays a different position and a different role for the team.

The three remaining bubble players will play in tonight’s preseason finale against Miami and the AT&T Center, with each hoping to make his closing argument.

Tolliver, a 6-foot-8 shooting big man, would seem to have a bead on one of the open slots. He plays a different position, and fills a different role, than would either Farmer or Hairston.

Tolliver, billed as a long-range marksman, has hit on just 23.1 percent of his 3-pointers (6 of 26) this preseason. However, he has impressed with his energy and a surprising knack for making plays around the basket.

If anybody knows how quickly the rug can be pulled out from under a player in training camp, it’s Tolliver. He made it all the way through camp in Cleveland last year, only to be waived on opening day.

“There’s not too much that’s in my hands anymore,” Tolliver said. “The coaches have given our young guys a chance out there on the court. I can’t ask for anything more.”

We wish good luck to Anthony and hopefully he makes the team and stays this year.  He was on the opening day roster of the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, but was cut soon after Cleveland signed one of their hold-out players.  Tonight’s game is not being televised anywhere according to their schedule.

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