Tragic Turn of Events

Friday night, we understood it was the last chance to see if Anthony Tolliver would make the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.  Then he didn’t play at all and wasn’t even on the bench.   The concern was that he didn’t make the team or had a personal issue.  It was a personal issue, however, what was unexpected was to what extent the personal issue was.

Anthony found out that he made the Spurs team, but on the same day found out that his mother died of an apparent heart attack.  According to the well written article in the Omaha World Herald this morning.  it sounds like the Spurs are being very respectful of the situation and have made sure to let Anthony know that they are there for him.

Just myself, I know that I would like to tell Anthony that I am sorry for his loss.  Though I don’t know him personally, I can relate to the situation and try to feel what he is going through.  We had an unexpected loss like this in our family a few years ago that has taken a lot of time to recover from.  I would totally understand if basketball is secondary at this point for him.  I’m sure the whole Bluejay community and the city of Omaha are there for him.


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