Valley Media Day–Part 3

Thanks to Big Sports 590, Matt Perrault was able to do interviews with several Jays today which really made media day interesting and something to get excited about.

He had a great interview with Booker Woodfox.  Booker discussed how him and Cavel became great friends and different evaluations of several players on the Jays basketball team.

Another great interview with Josh Dotzler. The discussion was based around how Josh is a Senior and how it feels to have this be “his” team and his relationship with Coach Altman and how Josh has really been around this program for a long time.

Finally Dana Altman had a great discussion with Matt on the prospects of being predicted conference champion, and about the players and their roles expected on the team. It was also mentioned that they will be having the scrimmage that is replacing one of the exhibition games with Iowa State.  The Jays are going up there this year and then Iowa State is coming to Omaha next year for the scrimmage.

There were also several great interviews that are posted on Big Sports 590’s podcasts from Valley Media Day that are worth listening too.  Too bad “Double G”  Gregg Marshall didn’t have an interview with Matt.  Maybe next year :)

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