Around the Rim–11/1/08

A lot of things going on lately.  Here are a few little snippets of things:

  • Today begins the College Basketball Exhibition season for most teams… wait that is scrimmages for some.  The Jays head to Ames today to scrimmage with Iowa St.  Wichita St. heads to Manhattan to scrimmage with Kansas St.  and Iowa is scrimmaging with Jays potential opponent Depaul.  Oh and what about North Carolina’s “secret” scrimmage.  Jeff Goodman from Fox Sports has a great listing of all the scrimmages happening this weekend.  What is sad about all of this is that all of these scrimmages are a “home-and-home” thing where most of them will be going to the opposite team’s site next year for a scrimmage.  And if you look at the matchups, these would make great regular season home-and-home games, so why won’t these teams schedule a real game where fans and media can come and have it count for something?    That is just crazy and you know you could pack the stands either way.
  • Jays opponent New Mexico is playing in the pricey Cancun tournament that also includes conference foe Drake.  $300 per person for all games of the tournament plus if you don’t stay at the resort where the tournament is being held, it is another $81 to enter the resort to get to the games.   Maybe the Las Vegas Classic is a good fit for the Jays fans and the economy where the full session tickets are not as pricey and fans have the opportunity to stay in Vegas for free.
  • An update on Anthony Tolliver and how things are going for him since the passing of his mother.  I haven’t always been a fan of the Spurs, but it is appreciated how they are handling the situation for him.  It sounds like he will be back with the Spurs this Tuesday.  Please keep Anthony and his family in your prayers.
  • CollegeHoopsNet has announced their preseason HIgh-Major Player of the Year and All-American Teams.  These are players from teams that are not from “BCS” type of schools, but are not considered “Mid-Major” either.  It is “High Major.”  Creighton’s P’Allen Stinnett is on the 3rd team along with Drake’s Josh Young and Creighton opponent Dayton’s Chris Wright. Interesting take.
  • Speaking of P’Allen, there is a great article on him in the Topeka Capital-Journal and probably other news papers since it is an AP article.  P’Allen talks about how he made a name for himself last year, but this year it’s time to take on a team role.  Very good read.
  • Kirk Wessler from the PJStar had some interesting notes from MVC Media Days.  The interesting parts were about possible expansion and non-conference scheduling.   The subject came up again and MVC Commish Doug Elgin pretty much said that expansion is not an option and if they did it would have to be an even number.  St. Louis always comes up as a school that would join the Valley because of the proximity to the rest of the league members makes more sense than being in the A-10 that is just all over the map.  In my mind Butler is another good team to consider since they play a lot of Valley teams each year and are in sort of the same geographic area.
  • The other part of the article had to do with non-conference scheduling.  In my review of the average RPI’s of the Valley’s non-conference schedule, it was noted how horrible Illinois St. scheduled their non-conference schedule.   A few years ago the Valley instituted an initiative to get member schools to work hard at scheduling good teams and to keep from playing an average RPI above 150 or suffer some type of penalty.  Though it hasn’t been enforced for a few years since things became a little better, it should almost be instituted just because of Illinois St.  Their non-conference RPI of the teams they ar facing are 215.  That hurts not only them, but the league as a whole.   Although they are ranked pretty high in the conference this coming season, I think their non-conference season is going to hurt them from being prepared and will make Osiris Eldridge become a one-man show.  We’ll have to see.
  • Just a reminder, tickets went on sale for the annual Nebraska-Creighton game on Thursday.  Get your tickets now if you want to go since the game is in Lincoln this year.
  • Finally, I mentioned earlier this summer that I was going to take on a role of a Big 12 correspondant for a great college basketball site called Rush the Court.  Originally I wanted to correspond for the Valley but another person was already signed up for the role.  However, due to some unknown circumstances, the opportunity to be a correspondant for the Valley became available again and I have agreed to do that as well.  So I will be doing updates on the league for the Rush the Court site for both the Big 12 and MVC as of right now.  So I’ll see if I can handle this great opportunity, but it also means watching a lot of basketball which should be fun.  Look for a Valley preview on their site upcoming this next week.

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