Scrimmages and Exhibitions

Sounds like everyone had a good time in Ames from what I and read from the Des Moines Register and read from the GoCyclones site.   even though there was not supposed to be anything written about it since the NCAA wants everything so secretive. Shh…Wichita St. and Kansas St. had a scrimmage this past weekend also, but don’t tell anyone.  Illinois St. is so secretive, we don’t know who they scrimmaged with.

But for the stuff we can talk about, the other Valley teams started their Exhibition season for the public last weekend:

Drake beat Truman State 77-61 with the Box Score

Evansville took 2 overtimes to barely beat Div II U of Southern Indiana 71-67 with the Box Score

Then last night a few other Valley teams got started:

Bradley defeated Lewis College 74-61 with Box Score

Missouri St tops Quincy Univeristy 79-44 with Box Score

SIU rolls over Missouri Southern 82-59 with Box Score

Indiana St. will start their Exhibition season on Saturday against Albion college in Michigan while Northern Iowa starts their Exhibition season tonight against University of Dubuque.

These exhibitions are fun to watch, but they probably won’t look like a normal game since the coaches are usually tinkering with lineups and looking for things that we as fans probably don’t notice.  So really, I don’t think how these games turn our really tells us what these teams are going to be like, but it at least lets some people take a look to see what is coming down the line and an introduction to the potential of teams.

However, the exhibition season could become a thing of the past.  The coaches talk about how they enjoy the closed scrimmages so much more and get so much out of it.  Just on the Jays opponents this year, there are several who opted for a closed scrimmage instead of 2 exhibition games:

  • New Mexico scrimmaged Arizona St.
  • Arkansas-Little Rock scrimmaged Tennessee tech (at a neutral site nonetheless)
  • St. Louis scrimmaged Memphis
  • Depaul scrimmaged at Iowa
  • Marquette scrimmaged Nebraska
  • Arkansas-Pine Bluff scrimmaged somebody.
  • St. Joseph isn’t playing any exhibition games

Unfortunately for the fans, if coaches continue to enjoy the closed scrimmages so much because of the level of competition lets them see things a little more, then it is more likely that there will be no exhibition games down the line.  On the other hand, if the NCAA is so concerned about putting an end to early Midnight Madness, then they should be just as concerned with these scrimmages as these are potential matchups that could be real during the season.  Why can’t these teams play an actual regular season game?   But really, if you want to have these “closed door scrimmages” allow them to be public, put people in the stands.  If you want to call them exhibition games then call them exhibition games.  I feel like the fan is getting taken farther and farther out of  basketball by the NCAA. Stop trying to take the fans out of College Basketballand just let teams play and let the fans enjoy it.  The fans need an exhibition season too.


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