ESPN Full Court and Other TV Coverage

ESPN finally released their ESPN Full Court Pay-Per-View college basketball schedule today.  This is a great package if you want to watch a lot of basketball in addition to what is on all the different regular and cable TV games that are on throughout the year.  There are over 570 games on the package this year.  The Jays have made it on the schedule with the February 8th game at Northern Iowa.   What is ironic about this is that the broadcast on the Full Court channel will be the Northern Iowa broadcast being done by Cedar Falls Utilities/Mediacom.  In addition, Action3News in Omaha will also be broadcasting the game back to the fans in Omaha.  So there will be multiple carriers of this game.  There are no other Creighton games on the Full Court Package, however here are the other Valley games on the package:

  • 11/19–Northern Iowa @ Illinois Chicago
  • 12/3–Wichita St. @ Texas Tech

So there are not a lot of Valley games on the Full Court schedule, however the schedule could change over the season depending on who is doing well.  Last year there were a few Drake games that showed up on there towards the end of the season do to their ranking and steller play.

The performance of the Jays non-conference opponents have an impact on how the team’s RPI and strength of schedule during the season.  So if you want to track more of the Jays opponents, there are several games on the Full Court Package that would be worth watching:

  • New Mexico-1 time (vs. Texas Tech)
  • Arkansas-Pine Bluff-1 time (vs. Missouri)
  • Oral Roberts-9 times
  • Arkansas-Little Rock-4 times
  • Nebraska-11 times (though most of those are on Fox Sports Midwest also)
  • Mississippi Valley State-1 time (vs. Kentucky)
  • Northern Colorado-3 times
  • Fresno St.-9 times
  • Depaul-11 times
  • St. Louis-1 time (vs. Nebraska)

There are a lot of other great matchups and if you are a basketball junkie, it is really worth it.  If you order now before the end of November it is $99 for the whole season.  Here is the rest of the schedule

Other Creighton TV Updates–Those lucky enough to have season tickets have the opportunity to watch all the Jays home games.  Thanks to Valley TV schedule and the local coverage by Action3News, a lot of the road games are able to be seen by the Jays fans here in Omaha as well.  Here is the status of the road games left that are not on TV:

  • 12/6-Creighton @ St. Joseph–Both sides were trying to work out TV coverage, but it was sort of cost prohibitive for both schools and did not work out.  St. Joseph may stream the game online, but that has not been confirmed yet
  • 12/22-12-23-Las Vegas Classic games–TV coverage was requested but no one bit to carry the games on TV (I understand it is pretty expensive for the TV rights to the games in Vegas) so there has been lobbying to have the games streamed online, but that has not been confirmed yet.
  • 12/31-Creighton @ Indiana St.–There is no TV planned for this game, only online streaming.  With it being New Year’s Eve, I could see why there is not any TV coverage.  I would want to be stuck in Terre Haute for New Year’s Eve either.
  • 1/10-Creighton @ Bradley–Bradley is having this game broadcast on Peoria’s local PBS station WTVP.  The University is checking into how much it would cost from WTVP and Cox to have the game available for those in the Omaha area.  However if the game is being done without satellite, there is very little possibility that this one would be available in Omaha.   Then you would have to hire a satellite truck and pay for satellite time which really makes it cost prohibative.  So we’ll have to see how that turns out.

Pretty amazing that there are very few games that the rabid fan would miss either seeing in person or watching on TV.  Boy technology is great!

BTW, I am still compiling the list of games on TV for the Valley and for the Jays opponents.


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