Around the Rim–11/15/08

A few different items of interest over the past few days:

  • As expected the Jays opponent for Sunday, New Mexico, destroyed Southeast Missouri St.  102-59.  The return of Tony Danridge led the team with 16 points and 6 players in double figures.  The Jays will need to be ready to play on Sunday.   As for the Valley teams opening the season last night, MIssouri St. lost @ Auburn 75-60 but Bradley defeated Illinois-Chicago 67-61 before the battle with Florida on Sunday.
  • I came across this a few weeks ago, but there is a nice article on former Jays assistant Mike Maker and his first experiences with his head coaching experience at Williams College.   There are some different rules in Division III compared to Division I that take some adjusting to.
  • Jays potential opponent St. Louis has a lot to be excited about.  They are excited about the 7 freshman on the roster and excited about their new arena.  What they probably are not excited about is the controversy about what radio channel their games will be broadcasted on.
  • At least I am not the only one giving Illinois St. grief over the scheduling of their non-conference schedule.  Their own writer for the campus newspaper sees it as an Achilles Heel come March.   At the same time, Illinois St. is recovering from some injuries/surgeries over the summer which include 3 of the 8 regulars expected to play.  This will force them to play small-ball a good part of the season.
  • I guess I didn’t pay attention to how many 3-balls Bradley puts up.   They put up almost 1800 treys in the last 2 seasons making 695 of them.  Compare that to the Jays who put up about 1350 treys making 480.  Anyway, they don’t see the moving back of the 3-point line to make any difference in their offense and how many three pointers they shoot.   An interesting read.
  • Kyle Korver received a warm welcome when he returned to Philly to play a game for the first time since being traded to Utah last season.
  • And finally, many may know already, but Creighton officially signed Andrew Bock and Ethan Wragge to Letters of Intent for next season. The Jays have one scholarship remaining and it sounds like they are looking for a big guy.

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