Who Kept Score?

So I was reading the Omaha World Herald newspaper today about articles previewing both Creighton and Nebraska’s first regular season game this morning, and as I was reading the article about Nebraska, I read the most interesting comment:


Now, I have read a lot about these “scrimmages” this year mainly because both Creighton and Nebraska were going to have them this year and several other schools have moved to playing the scrimmages instead of exhibition games.  Here is the actual rule in the NCAA Bylaws: Exceptions.

The following basketball contests (games or scrimmages) are permitted prior to the first contest dates specified under Bylaw 17.5.3:

(a) Practice Scrimmages. Informal practice scrimmages with outside competition, provided they are conducted in privacy without publicity or official scoring. Individuals other than athletics department staff members and those necessary to conduct a basketball practice scrimmage against outside competition may not be present during such a scrimmage. The institution shall ensure that the scrimmage is free from public view; and (Revised: 10/27/98 effective 8/1/99, 5/12/05)

As an example from the News Observer.:

“We can’t publicize it, can’t let fans in, can’t give out any stats,” said UNC associate athletic director Larry Gallo, who wouldn’t even name the opponent, place or date….The genesis of the NCAA rule is also unclear. But the schools have interpreted it to mean that they can’t discuss the stats, publicize the game or disclose the opponents or dates.

So I guess my question isn’t so much that the paper printed the information that McCray led the team in rebounds against Marquette in Nebraska’s scrimmage or that Nebraska lost by 2 in the scrimmage.  The question is, who was keeping stats and how did that information get out?  According to the NCAA rules and how schools interpret the bylaw, it sounds to me like those stats should not be available much less publicized.  So once again there is that gray area that Nebraska basketball keeps flirting with.   So now not only the recruiting, but private scrimmages now as well.  Also, it is possible that this has been realized by different areas so maybe that is the reason that this article from above is not available in electronic form from the Omaha World Herald site, but the Creighton preview article is.


One Response to Who Kept Score?

  1. […] here’s another example of Nebraska pushing into the gray area with the rules relating to their supposedly non-public scrimmage with Marquette last week.  […]

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