What? Another FOUL?


Box Score

Have you ever been in a class where the professor does lecture for a couple hours straight with no interaction with the students? You wish there would be a fire drill or a tornado warning or even someone in the class have a big loud fart.  Well, that is sort of what tonight’s game was like.  If you look at Coach Altman’s expression above from the game, it sort of says it all.

From the get go, this game was something that was hard for any fan to sit through.  I can only imagine what the players felt like.  It seemed like there was a whistle of some kind on both ends of the court whether it was a foul, a carry, a travel or there was blue in the crowd.   There was even a technical called on the Pine Bluff coach.  Between 50 free throws and 48 turnovers, neither team had a flow to it.  Luckily, the Jays did enough to come away with an 82-50 victory.

The players of the night were Cavel Witter and Justin Carter.  These two guys looked really comfortable tonight.  Cavel matched a career high 4 steals and the Jays had 18 steals overall to tie a school record. He was 5-7 from the field, led the team with 15 points and other than a few more turnovers than hoped, had a great overall game.  Justin Carter was 5-6 and had 13 points, but he just looked really confident and is looking more and more like he will continue to make an impact as the season goes.

The rest of the team battled out there in the craziest of conditions.  No Chad Millard tonight.  He hasn’t practiced all week after his concussion from the New Mexico game, but was suited up.  Hopefully he can practice before Saturday and maybe get some minutes.  No Josh Jones tonight either.  The jury is still out on his redshirt.


There is some work to be done with the rebounding as the Jays were out rebounded by 10.  I’m not really sure what teams get out of these types of games other than finding things they can improve on.  However, referees J.D. Collins, Bo Boroski, and Steven Skiles were a little whistle happy tonight.  JD Collins is usually a pretty good referee, so I am really surprised how they ended up controlling the game and really made it get out of hand because of the way it was called.  It was inconsistent and nobody knew what was going to be called, so the teams just played sloppy and tried to see what they could get away with.  The game just got away and never got reeled back in.

I commend all of those who stayed with me to the end of this sort of painful game to see the Jays to victory.  Heck they got to see our favorite walk-on Dustin Sitzmann score on a nice drive to the basket.

Oral Roberts….you are next.  See you Saturday.


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