Around the Rim-11/22/08

A few things before the Jays game today against Oral Roberts:

  • With all of these early season tournaments going around, you sort of get an understanding on how they are all setup.  For example, the Las Vegas Invitational that the Jays backed out of last year is organized by a guy that lives in West Virginia.  I wonder if he was the same person that promised the Jays would get to play in this tournament against the same type of competition last year (UNC, Louisville, BYU) this season, but then threw the Jays in the Las Vegas Classic instead and let his home state West Virginia and his buddy buddy Bob Huggins take their spot instead against the likes of Iowa, Kentucky and K-State?  The video says it all.
  • I guess it is who you know and not necessarily what you know as Andy Katz revealed this week that the organizer of the Coaches vs. Cancer tournament that Southern Illinois participated in this year is none other than Rick Giles, who is SIU Coach Chris Lowery’s agent.  Too bad they couldn’t win a game..
  • Speaking of those tournaments, you wonder who at Wichita St. has the inside track to all the different tournaments full of high level competition.  Wichita plays in the Old Spice Classic this coming week that is stacked and in 2010 will play in the Maui Invitational with the likes of UConn, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington, Michigan St. and Oklahoma.  Who do people at Creighton need to know to get into these types of competition?
  • That is a nice segway into competition.  The sports people at the Norfolk Daily News must not have much to talk about.  They were already earlier this week talking about the Nebraska/Creighton game a week from today.   I guess they are ignorant to the fact that both teams still have a couple games to play over the next week before they concentrate on this.  I guess if there is not football to talk about, this is the only thing they can come up with.  I’m sure this game will be hyped up enough by the local media but NEXT WEEK.
  • Jays potential opponent St. Louis really has a thing for low scoring games.  Last year, they only scored 20 points against George Washington in a conference game and this year they opened up their new arena with a whole 48 points in a 48-33 win against Missouri-St. Louis who Kentucky destroyed in Exhibition play 113-53.   If the Jays end up playing the Billikins in Vegas in December, look for Majerus to try to have a grind it out game or the Jays will blow them out of the arena.  You take you choice on what you would like to see.

Well, time to get going with the day and head to the Jays vs. the Golden Eagles this afternoon.  Go Jays.


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