Huh? What did I do?


Cavel Witter led the Jays in scoring for the 2nd straight game and during a stretch between the 17 and 12:30 minute mark in the 2nd half scored 11 of Creighton’s 14 points. Then between him and Booker Woodfox they were 19-21 from the free throw line to lead Creighton to victory 87-65 over Oral Roberts. Cavel had a great all-around game and really shows how comfortable he is being the point guard and having the ball in his hands.

But as to the picture above that is of Oral Roberts thug Marcus Lewis. As the Jays came out from halftime down two points, they had some fire going and started to pull away from the Golden Eagles. On a fast break, Mr. Lewis decided to just completely take out Justin Carter on a sure layup. Justin was on the floor for several minutes and an intentional foul was called. I watched the TV broadcast when I got home and replayed this several times to try and get a picture of the thugness, but basically Justin’s legs were taken out from under him and as he was falling on his back, Lewis pushed himdown to the floor. I tried to get a good picture of what happened and someone will probably have to pull the video later to see it, Here is the video I extracted so you could see how Lewis pushed Justin down to the ground as he was already fouled and headed to the ground:

One other thing that really ticked me off was that after that hard and thug like foul, Coach Sutton showed no class as he left Lewis on the floor and didn’t take him out of the game, even for a minute or two. Most coaches including Dana Altman would have, after a situation like that, taken the player out of the game and at either talked to the player or let him sit and think about it for a minute. Those types of fouls have no place in college basketball. The latest word is that Justin suffered some sort of achilies injury, but the achilies is still attached so it is now just to see to what extent he is actually injured. This got the crowd a little heated and Lewis was booed the rest of the game. Unfortunately, this incident took a little away from the great performances on the floor today.

Outside of the last 10 minutes of the first half, most of the players had a great game and a complete 2nd half. Casey Harriman played tough underneath with a football mentality and had 10 points including a couple of 3 pointers. Kenny Lawson and Kenton Walker were solid underneath and helped lead the Jays win the rebounding battle by 10. P’Allen Stinnett was kind of quiet, but the rest of the players stepped up. Some very impressive minutes by freshman Antoine Young had some great assists and hustle plays to get some great cheers from the Qwest Center crowd. Chad Millard also came back from his concussion suffered in the first game against New Mexico to play solidly, hit a three and showed some real focus.

One thing that Oral Roberts I think suffered from is that the Jays just plain wore them out. In the first half, the Golden Eagles were heavily denying the ball from the Jays players, but it looked like they sort of went away with it in the second half and the Jays could make more passes. The defense was able to shut down for the most part Oral Robert’s star player Robert Jarvis holding him to 4-15 shooting.

The Jays now prepare to hit the road for two games, Tuesday against Arkansas-Little Rock at Alltel Arena and then in Lincoln against Nebraska next Saturday night. These will be two tough games and it will be interesting to see how the Jays handle their first road tests.


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