2009 Old Spice Classic Field

We heard earlier this summer that Creighton was going to be part of the 2009 Old Spice Classic in Orlando over next Thanksgving weekend.  Tonight during this year’s Old Spice Classic final between Tennessee and Gonzaga, the teams that will be joining the Jays were mentioned.  They include:

  • Alabama (SEC)
  • Iona (MAAC)
  • Baylor (Big 12)
  • Michigan (Big 10)
  • Xavier (A-10)
  • Marquette (Big East)
  • one slot remains

Many would like to see Gonzaga in this field again, but it won’t happen.  The NCAA used to have a 2 in 4 rule that meant teams could only play in tournaments like the Old Spice Classic 2 times in a 4 year period.  However, the NCAA got rid of that rule a few years ago saying a team can play in one of these tournaments every year, but just not the same one in back to back years.  So in this case Gonzaga can’t be part of this field.

However if this field is going to be setup with the same type of field as it was this year, an ACC or WCC team is still missing from this field.  The A-10 was added with the addition of Xavier, so I would expect the last spot to be filled with an ACC or WCC team.  Should be interesting.  It is also exciting to see the Jays in one of these types of tournaments.  Anyway, a little something to put in your hat for next year.  Creighton has enough problems trying to win the games they currently have scheduled for this year.

Here’s the official release.


4 Responses to 2009 Old Spice Classic Field

  1. Tim In Omaha says:

    Duke would like to get in this next year LOOK OUT !!!!!!

  2. wildjays says:

    Duke is playing in the Preseason NIT next season. They will not be in the Old Spice Classic.

  3. indigdoc says:

    If they are looking for an ACC entrant, then WF would be nice. They appear to be a strong team this year and will be even better next season (and ranked).

  4. gtmo says:

    If the sponsors are looking for the best possible field, then they should pursue a PAC-10 team (UCLA – ASU – WSU – AZ).

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