Show Me What You Got

Tonight, I figured out why I try to get to the game early.  To avoid all of those last minute people trying to get there right before tipoff.  NO WONDER PEOPLE AREN”T IN THEIR SEATS AT TIPOFF.  They all come at once and get stuck in traffic.  I was running a little behind tonight due to various reasons that are very boring to everyone else, but I did get from home to Cuming street in record time, and then the backup…..Streets torn up, one lane traffic.  Just ridiculous.  If I had to do that every game, I think I would slit my wrists.  I don’t know how everyone else does it.  Anyway, I did make it in time for the starting lineups.

So enough of my trials an tribulations.  After a week of challenges on and off the court, tonights game was a challenge of putting players on the court to see what they could do and to see what they have learned over the past week.  Almost everyone played about the same amount of minutes and there were definite differences for almost everyone:

  • Kaleb Korver started the game.  Probably deserved after the performances on the road trip and the missed opportunities to play him more in the second half of UALR.  Although he had some struggles (scoring points), not too bad to get that experience.
  • I still think Casey Harriman deserves to get a start.  He has been the bulldog of the team fighting for rebounds, playing solid defense and hitting some three balls when needed.  I guess he is sort of a “spark off the bench” but I think has earned a start.
  • It was nice to see Kenton Walker get a double-double.  I sort of see him playing tougher at times than Kenny Lawson.  Kenny is effective, but quiet effective and you don’t necessarily realize what he has done until after the fact.
  • I’m finally getting to P’Allen, but he definitely showed tonight that he can just go out and play,  be a team player and score when needed.  It seemed to me that when the Jays went through stretches of scoring droughts, P was there to get some things going.  No turnovers is good too.
  • If you can get Booker Woodfox shots, they will go down.  Plain and simple.
  • Antoine Young will be a factor come Valley play.
  • Dustin Sitzmann even got a 1-5 line tonight.

The rest of the team didn’t look to bad, but they looked like they were all playing for each other tonight and tried to make simple plays

The crowd tonight is another story. Yes it is Mississippi Valley State.  Yes, the Jays were coming off of a couple of losses.  But I got the impression that the Jays Dancers and the Soccer team were the main event tonight.  People got more excited for that than watching the game.  Student section was dead.  The Perch sat on their perch.  And if you are going to leave at the 8 minute mark, why even come to the game?  15,000?  More like 10,000 really.  They pretty much wanted to hear they got free pizza and headed for the gates.  If the people way down from where I sit can hear me yell at the refs and give me a weird look, then the crowd is in a coma.  The bandwagoners are off and it is only 5 games into the season. The next two games are huge, maybe they want to jump back on.

The game Saturday against St. Joeseph at the Palestra is not on TV.  What a shame.  Though St. Joes is only 3-3, they are a tough team wanting revenge after losing a close one here in Omaha last season.

The game against Dayton next Wednesday is going to be a big one, I hope people show up for that.  I know people are praying on Wednesdays and finals are coming up, but the crowd needs to be jacked for that one as Dayton will probably come in undefeated and would be a big game.

Tonight may have been a snoozer for most, but if you really watched it, I think you learned a lot about this Jays team tonight.


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