Checking In on the Opponents

As we stride through the first third of the season and as the Jays appear to be preparing for what could be considered their biggest game of the year so far, let’s see how the Jays non-conference opponents are faring and how this non-conference schedule is starting to stack up:

New Mexico

  • Current Record, 4-4
  • RPI-161
  • Biggest Win-Southern Miss
  • Lost to–Central Florida, Creighton, VCU, Drake

Arkansas-Pine Bluff

  • Current Record, 0-7
  • RPI-318
  • Biggest Win-None
  • Bad Loss-All

Oral Roberts

  • Current Record, 2-6
  • RPI-210
  • Biggest Win-South Dakota St.
  • Lost to–Tulsa, North Dakota St, Arkansas-Little Rock, Missouri, Louisiana-Lafayette, Creighton

Arkansas-Little Rock

  • Current Record, 6-1
  • RPI-106
  • Biggest Win-Creighton
  • Lost to-Missouri St.


  • Current Record, 6-1
  • RPI-40
  • Biggest Win-Creighton
  • Lost to-Arizona St.

Mississippi Valley State

  • Current Record, 0-10
  • RPI-335
  • Biggest Win-None
  • Lost to-All

St. Joseph’s

  • Current Record, 3-4
  • RPI-105
  • Biggest Win-Indiana
  • Lost to-Creighton, Holy Cross, Texas, Alabama


  • Current Record, 8-0
  • RPI-30
  • Biggest Win-Marquette
  • Lost to-None

Northern Colorado

  • Current Record, 2-4
  • RPI-177
  • Biggest Win-Denver
  • Lost to-Colorado St, Oregon, San Diego St., Air Force


  • Current Record, 0-6
  • RPI-326
  • Biggest Win-None
  • Lost to-All

Fresno St.

  • Current Record, 3-4
  • RPI-285
  • Biggest Win-Pacific
  • Lost to-St. Mary’s, San Diego St., Oregon St., UNLV

St. Louis

  • Current Record, 3-4
  • RPI-151
  • Biggest Win-Boston College
  • Lost to-Nebraska, Southern Illinois, Detroit, Kent State


  • Current Record, 4-2
  • RPI-73
  • Biggest Win-Illinois-Chicago
  • Lost to-California, Northwestern

Cumulative Records, 38-50 (averaged Depaul/St. Louis)

Average RPI, 183.75

Creighton’s RPI, 81

So as a comparison, when I reviewed the Valley schedules earlier this summer and figured the average RPI’s of these same teams from last year the average RPI was at 163.  This means to me that the teams on the non-conference schedule are currently under performing compared to last year so far.  Looks like some of the opponents need to improve as well as the Jays if the big dance is in the future at all.    Let’s see what things look like when conference season starts.    Right now the Dayton game on Wednesday looms huge for the Jays and a win is needed for any at-large consideration down the road if things continue for the other opponents as they are right now.  I expected New Mexico and Oral Roberts to be a little better than they are and St. Josephs really needed to win another game in Maui.

Also as a side note, the latest reports for Rush the Court on the Valley and the Big 12 have been posted as well as some answers on the Jays and the Valley for a Dayton blogger, Tom Blackburn


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